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Skin Type Assessment HOL-emblem

Determining Your Skin Type

This test is designed to determine type of your skin.  Each set of questions has five options. You should select the best option that applies to your skin. You can only select one out of the five. To select an item, click on the button to the left of the selection. If you want to choose another selection, click on that button. (The latest selection only counts.)

After you complete the questionnaire, click on the button marked Done.

Skin Type Assessment Questionnaire

  1. How does your skin feel if you cleanse it with facial wash and water?
    Tight, as though it's too small for your face.
    Smooth and comfortable.
    Dry and itchy in places.
    Fine - quite comfortable.
    Dry in some areas and smooth in others.
  2. How does your skin feel if you cleanse it with cream cleanser?
    Relatively comfortable.
    Smooth and comfortable.
    Sometimes comfortable, sometimes itchy.
    Quite oily.
    Oily in some areas and smooth in others.
  3. How does your skin usually look by midday?
    Flaky patches appearing.
    Fresh and clean.
    Flaky patches and some redness.
    Shiny in the T-zone.
  4. How often do you break out in spots?
    Hardly ever.
    Occasionally, perhaps before or during your period (for women).
    Often - in the T-zone.
  5. How does your skin react when you use facial toner?
    It stings.
    No problems.
    Stings and itches.
    Feels fresher.
    Feels fresher in some areas but stings in others.
  6. How does your skin react to a rich night cream?
    It feels very comfortable.
    Sometimes feels comfortable, other times feels irritated.
    Makes my skin feel very oily.
    Oily in the T-zone, and comfortable on the cheeks.

<- Click on this button after you have completed the questionnaire.

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