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Holisticonline.com - Vitamin B Knowledgebase

Vitamin/ Mineral Name: Vitamin B3: Niacin
RDA for Men: 19 mg
RDA for Women: 15 mg
RDA for Pregnant Women: 17 mg
RDA for Nursing Women: 20 mg
Daily Value (DV): 20 mg
Benefit: Fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism Nervous system function Needed for oxygen use by cells An extreme deficiency of niacin causes the mortal disease called pellagra, with mental symptoms such as hallucinations and dementia, skin rashes, and diarrhea. Lesser deficiencies give rise to depression, irritability, insomnia, backaches, headaches and so on. Niacin plays a major role in the new methods (orthomolecular psychiatry) of treating schizophrenia and autistic children, and also in maintaining healthful non-excessive fat levels in the blood stream
Food Sources: This is one of the vitamins used to enrich white flour and bakery products. Meat Poultry Fish Peanut Butter Legumes Soybeans Whole grain cereals and breads Broccoli Asparagus Baked Potatoes
Effect of Overdose: Indigestion of this vitamin in substantial quantities can result in a "flushing" or warming of the skin in the extremities. The effect is particularly noticeable in the hands and forearms. Some may find this uncomfortable. The effect soon wears off. Administration of nicotinamide, another form of Niacin, has been reported to result in some depressions among mental patients treated for niacin deficiency. This Vitamin is water soluble. The body does not store it to any great extent. Excess amounts are readily removed through urine. Thus for healthy people, this is pretty safe in any reasonable quantity. No medical harm is reported from any overdose other than those reported above.
Description: This vitamin is not very stable. The heat of cooking, storage, exposure to air or light, soaking or prolonged cooking in water etc. destroy them. Alkaline solutions such as baking soda also has a harmful effect on this vitamin.

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