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Holisticonline.com - Vitamin B Knowledgebase

Vitamin/ Mineral Name: Vitamin B: Choline
RDA for Men:
RDA for Women:
RDA for Pregnant Women:
RDA for Nursing Women:
Daily Value (DV):
Benefit: An important nutrient essential for the formation of one of the crucial neurotransmitters in the brain. It can be helpful in increasing memory. Important in the human body's manufacture of thyroid hormones, in the functioning of the nervous system, and to prevent cirrhosis of the liver. It has been beneficially used with heart attack survivors and to treat viral hepatitis. Choline was also found to inhibit cancer growth in animals. It is one of the ingredients needed for the manufacture of lecithin in the human body which is believed to help in the removal of damaging cholesterol from the walls of arteries and to dissolve it in the bloodstream. Dietary Choline protects against poor growth, fatty liver development, and kidney damage in many experimental animals, and against perosis. It is also believed to protect against abnormalities in pregnancy and lactation, anemia, cardiovascular disease and muscular weakness. Absence of Choline was shown to result in high blood pressure in animal studies.
Food Sources: Found in whole grains, liver, eggs, beans, chicken, fish and vegetable foods
Effect of Overdose: Some people (and this is a rare condition) can develop a smell that is described as the odor of putrid fish as a result of foods that are high in Choline. This enzyme deficiency is called "fish odor syndrome". The problem goes away by eliminating the Choline containing foods.

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