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Holisticonline.com - Vitamin C Knowledgebase

Vitamin/ Mineral Name: Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid
RDA for Men: 60 mg
RDA for Women: 60 mg
RDA for Pregnant Women: 70 mg
RDA for Nursing Women: 95 mg
Daily Value (DV): 60 mg
Benefit: Builds collagen Maintains healthy gums, teeth and blood vessels Prolonged lack of Vitamin C produces the mortal disease of Scurvy. Lesser deficiencies often lead to bleeding gums, blood vessel fragility, bone and teeth weaknesses in growing children, anemia, general debility, and an increased susceptibility to infections. Vitamin C, in large doses, helps protect us against colds and minor illnesses. It promotes the healing of wounds and injuries. It is also believed to sharpen mental abilities. It also has significant anti-stress properties. Vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron into the body. It helps overcome foreign poisons and had been useful in treating schizophrenia and ulcers. It had helped cataract patients and those with back complaints. Vitamin C plays a special function in the white blood cells (which fight infection) and in the manufacture of collagen. Collagen is a binding substance that holds all cells and the bones together. There are growing evident that indicate that Vitamin C protects the circulatory system against damaging fatty deposits. Vitamin C deficiency may result in high cholesterol levels, which in turn, may lead to Atherosclerosis. Vitamin C can prevent or counteract chemical poisonings and toxins from a number of sources.
Food Sources: Oranges Grapefruit Bell peppers Strawberries Tomatoes Spinach Cabbage Melons Broccoli Kiwi fruit Raspberries
Effect of Overdose: This Vitamin is water soluble. The body does not store it to any great extent. Excess amounts are readily removed through urine. Thus for healthy people, this is pretty safe in any reasonable quantity. No medical harm is reported from any overdose.
Description: Many people believe that the RDA for Vitamin C is highly inadequate for good health. Recent surveys show that a significant percent of the population is not consuming enough Vitamin C. The elderly are especially prone to Vitamin C deficiency. This vitamin is not very stable. The heat of cooking, storage, exposure to air or light, soaking or prolonged cooking in water etc. destroy them. Alkaline solutions such as baking soda also has a harmful effect on this vitamin.

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