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Holisticonline.com - Vitamin E Knowledgebase

Vitamin/ Mineral Name: Vitamin E
RDA for Men: 10 mg alpha-TE or 15 mu
RDA for Women: 8 mg alpha-TE or 12 IU
RDA for Pregnant Women: 10 mg alpha-TE or 15 IU
RDA for Nursing Women: 12 mg alpha-TE or 18 IU
Daily Value (DV): 30 IU
Benefit: Protects cells damage It is necessary for the proper muscle functioning. It has anti-clotting and circulation improving abilities. Vitamin E also has shown to have beneficial effects on the lungs and heart and on aging and sexuality. Absence of Vitamin E has shown to have a deleterious effect on reproduction.
Food Sources: One of the best sources for Vitamin E is fresh whole grain wheat products. It is also found in many vegetable oils (corn, soybean, safflower oil; but not in olive oil). Vitamin E is also present in liver, beans and peas, butter, eggs, and leafy green vegetables. Other sources are: Nuts, Mangoes, Blackberries, Apples, Broccoli, Peanuts, and Spinach.
Effect of Overdose: Except for sufferers from high blood pressure and rheumatic heart conditions, Vitamin E is believed safe in any quantities. Toxicity symptoms have not been reported even at intakes of 800 IU per Kg of body weight daily for 5 months. Those with rheumatic heart conditions should not take supplementary Vitamin E except under close medical supervision. High blood pressure patients should start with smaller doses and have to have their blood pressure closely monitored.

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