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Religion and World Violence

Pullikattil Simon

The cause of violence in the world other than food and lodging is religion. Thousands of religionists believe that their religion is the only true religion and all the others are false. They are willing to kill and die for their religion but the irony is that their own religion tells them not to kill. How can we prevent religious mania from being the cause of world violence?

To eliminate world violence, we should look at the whole system of the universe and find which is the true religion. Who created religion?. Man created religion.

Who created the universe? Of course, the Creator. Why was it created? Since there is none we can ask and find out more about Him, His nature, His habits, His likes and dislikes, etc, we have to find out what He is made up of, because His makeup will indicate His nature, habit, likes and dislikes. We have no way of knowing His makeup. So we are stuck.

Now let us find out with what he created the universe. Even that we are not able to find out.

The next thing we can ask is what was there for Him to create with. The answer is that before the Creator started to create there was nothing in existence except the Creator. That means the Creator had nothing to create with other than His own substance. If this is true and it has to be, He had to create with His own substance. Therefore, the substance of all creation and the substance of them Creator is the same. Then, by studying the nature of the substance of the creation, we will know the nature of the Creator.

But there are millions of substances in the universe and each substance has got dozens of natures. We have to find out if we can reduce our search to a few items instead of millions of items. Since all substances are made from one substance, namely the substance of them Creator, there must be one nature that is present in all creation. What is that one nature present in all creation?

Science tells us that the whole universe is made up of quarks attached to one another to make up protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, molecules and galaxies. Therefore, everything in the universe including galaxies exist because of the attraction between quarks. In short, the whole universe exists because of attraction and attraction is affinity and affinity is love. Then that must be the nature of the Creator. And that must be the nature of His religion.

The nature of love is forgiveness and not punishment. Therefore, any religion that preaches punishment for sins is not a religion of love.

We justify punishment for the mistakes committed because we think that anybody who has made a mistake should be punished. This conviction does not arise from love.

Therefore, those who fight for a religion that believes in punishment or in killing those who do not believe in their religion and philosophy, are doing the wrong thing. When they recognize this truth, they will stop fighting and world violence will end.

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Dr. P.C. Simon is a retired research microbiologist, author, and philanthropist. visit his website at http://www.interchange.ubc.ca/psimon/book2.htm

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