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God Does Not Believe In Atheists

by Robert Koji Michaels

Dear Atheist: When was the last time you seriously considered the diversity of nature? Have you ever questioned the instruction you received in the classroom concerning the world you live in? If you are truly open-minded perhaps you will consider the following questions.

Does evolution have direct answers to the following elementary questions: How does a big bang explain the innumerable amount of species of living things? Why is there sound and taste? And how did they evolve? Why do some creatures fly, while others swim, and some slither? Why do some creatures have two legs, while others have four and some eight? Why are some species predators while others are prey? Why do some creatures hibernate year after year while others must continue in motion to survive? Why do birds build nests, beavers construct dams, and spiders spin webs? Why are there millions of galaxies and trillions of stars? Why are there springs, rivers, and oceans? Why are there four seasons? Why does sand gather along the coastal shores and in the midst of deserts? Why do birds sing, wolves howl, and cats meow? Why is the world so colorful? Why are there a multitude of foreign languages? Why is the human brain more complex than the most powerful computer? Why do Humans have a conscience while animals have basic instincts? Why does nature possess certain natural laws while humans form laws to govern society? How did all these things come to be and why?

Can evolution adequately explain how colors evolved? How does evolution justify which birds fly, which swim, and which migrate? How does evolution account for so many species of sharks? Why could they not all be great whites? Why are there so many different shapes, sizes, and colors of flowers? Why not all evolve into red roses? Why is there big, small, short, and tall? How does evolution address the complex issue of DNA? How does the theory explain why there are no two fingerprints alike or two snowflakes that are identical?

If evolution is scientific, why does the theory suffer constant inconsistency and contradiction within evolutionary circles? And why do we teach a theory as if it is indeed a fact? Speculation, not science, is at the root of evolution. For science to be science it must be repeatable and observable. And since NO ONE has EVER observed a whale evolve into a cow, a cat into a dog, or a monkey into a man, we have nothing? The evolutionary process we long to embrace, by the very definition of science, is not scientific at all.

So why do the masses believe in and propagate an insane idea called evolution? Is it because you refuse to believe in the obvious alternative, a Creator? And not just any Creator, but a holy One, of which we are all accountable to and will someday face.

What is the one thing that God and mankind have in common? Sin, of course. God hates sin and we love it. God gave laws forbidding it and man boasts that laws are meant to be broken. We refuse to be accountable to this God for our transgressions against Him. So what did we do? We exchanged the truth of God for the lie of evolution. Now we can have our cake and eat it too. No longer shall we give an account to the God of the Bible...so it seems. But are you willing to stake your soul on that? The Bible says, "It is appointed for man to die once, and then the judgment" (Hebrews 9:27).

Indeed, Charles Darwin and Carl Sagan now know there is a God! And like them, you too will stand before your Creator to give an account for your offenses against Him. There is, however, a wise alternative. The very God that spoke the universe into existence became a man, was crucified, and raised from the dead. He bids you to come. Will you not do the obvious and turn from your sin and follow the Lord Jesus Christ while you have life? Your faith in an evolutionary theory that allows your sin will bring you right to the throne of God one day. He, Jesus, will either be your Savior, or your Judge.

God does not believe in atheists!

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Robert Koji Michaels is a San Francisco Bay Area resident. Writing and Photography are my hobbies and I also serve in a local church in Vallejo, CA.

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