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Faith: Finding Reason in a Chaotic Universe

by: Michael J. Spindler

Having faithÖ Itís not about understanding your higher power or even about defining a higher power. Itís not about knowing chapter and verse of any given scripture, or of taking part in religious practices. Itís not about the simple spirituality offered by freedom from those practices.

Faith is simply letting go and trusting that everything has purpose and happens for a reason.

Youíve heard of stories of people who canceled a flight, only to find out later that the plane crashed. This goes deeper than those ďfeelingsĒ we get on occasion. In everyday life, on a much less dramatic scale, youíll find itís the simple incidents that have such an unexpected purpose.

You start to leave a building, but because of something you have to take care of before you go, you detour from your usual route of departure. And there, out of the blue, you run into an old friend that you havenít seen in years.

Whatever the reason that led to the encounter, you realize later that it happened either to remind you of something you might have forgotten, or to show you something you needed to learn. Once the pleasantries and small talk are out of the way, the two of you might go on your merry ways, never to reconnect again. But have faith: there was a reason for that off-chance encounter.

The same goes for not getting that great job or being turned down for a date with the person of your dreams or.... The list of goes on and on. The point Iím trying to convey is that to find happiness in life, itís important to remember that everything happens for a reason. So if you didnít get that job, thereís a reason why. It wasnít merely a bad hair day, nor were you under- or over-qualified, nor was it who you needed to know but didnít.

The reason you didnít get the job may have been in your best interests. Despite the job description or the classy appearance of the work environment, it might just have been the job from hell. Or perhaps it would have led you down a life path you werenít meant to be on. Getting turned down might have been tough ó but it was your higher power looking out for you.

Itís great to have dreams. Itís even better to follow through and take the steps necessary to achieve those dreams. But on occasion, youíll get what I like to call a ďcosmic course correctionĒ. That is, you have a predefined end result until the day of your last breath. You can acquire what you want, as long as it does not conflict with that path. You will love whom you love, even marry and possibly divorce. There is a lesson to be learned from every life event, and it will prepare you for the next steps in your path.

Happiness is not in the daily grind of surviving in this man-made society. Happiness will be found once you let go, ride the storms out, and have faith that all will work out in its own way and for a reason. The trick is to not shut out the apparent negatives.

Instead, embrace the chaos. Learn what you can from the situation, be it good or bad. Why? Because those who fail to learn are doomed to repeat the cycle again and again.

Repeating that cycle is like trying to graduate from high school when you actually stopped learning clear back in first grade. Like it or not, the university of life is not a matter of careful planning. Nor is it an institution you can joke your way through.

You will only move forward in life if you open up and have a little faith.

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Michael J. Spindler, MJS-Mall - Religious Icons and Spiritual Art, http://www.mjs-mall.com

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