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The message of Love and Peace

by: Thomas Mann, Bangalore, India

Itís nothing but the pure love of God towards the mankind that has made God to send his only begotten son. There is no doubt about that. His decision made into truth around two thousand years ago. This would be the most basic belief which we all learned from the day from which we started hearing about Christianity. But I regret- on our failures; we forget this true love. This is true because we try to define this love in our own way.

I would never wonder, if a son is drowning in water, his father jumps immediately into the deep water without any second thought and without knowing swimming. If I try to define Godís love from the unworthy human mind, I wonít be able to give any other example other than the fatherís love towards his child. I feel the most apt definition would be to see the God as Abba (father) to the humankind.

This love is the reason which led our Holy Father to send his only begotten son to save us. The mankind was drowning into the deep sin. There was not there a second thought for our Holy Father to save us from the deep. He loved the mankind so much. That love was born years back and now, we are in the season of the remembrance of HIS great affection towards us.

Oh my God! My Lord!, how grateful should the unworthy to be, for your choice to become the part of your love.

He should have chosen a palace of the wealthiest and powerful kingdom on earth for birth. But he chose the meekest womb of earth. He preferred a barn for birth. He was born in a place where the animals are fed their food. Later he himself became the true bread for feeding the entire mankind for their everlasting life. Here he proved as the living bread came down from heaven to give life to the world. He said ďI am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirstĒ. (Jn 6:35) The barn in Bethlehem which was used to give food for animals was chosen for the birth of the bread for mankind. I do no see this as a coincidence rather a well vision of the Holy Father in the mission of saving the humankind.

One more time, we are here to celebrate our lordís birthday. He has given the chance for us this year as well. This again is a reminder for us one more time about the same love from heaven which the Holy Father has showered 2000 years back. Itís again the reminder which reminds us the responsibilities which he has left over for us. ďA new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.Ē (Jn 13:35)

Bless us, Oh Lord to reside forward our life with your love rather than with our on defined love.

Again, there are few questions for us from God on this Christmas season. Are you in peace? Did you get any? Is any worldly things giving you the everlasting peace? Are you searching for the peace which the world is giving? Letís ask each of these questions to ourselves and find out the answers. If our answers are no, then God itself is giving us the answer to us through angels. ďGlory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!Ē (Lk 2:15). This is the peace which he offered us. This is the peace which is everlasting. He is offering the greatest peace to the mankind.

We should kneel in front of God with the prayer to receive His peace but not the peace which this world gives. Is our responsibility ends hereafter this prayer and gaining the peace from God in this Christmas season? No! We are here as the called peoples and have the responsibility to spread your peace and plant the seeds of love in this world. This is for the God has called us in the Christmas term. I feel this freezing season as, the most suitable season for planting seeds of peace in our mind and with others. Again, how this peace is given to others? Peace with others could be just a word or touch. Surprised? Believe me, lots of people in the world who lack it! May be expecting a word from us! It would be really great, if we could give our Godís peace to a single mankind. It would be amazing to many people when we say a word to them in love. They're starved for words from someone with real care.

Let us pray! ďO God, in this Christmas season; enable us to spread the words of peace that came from heaven through angels! Make us to tell about your goodwill towards others all around.Ē

Who knows how many of these small seeds which we plant in others will take root one day and add another precious person to the glorious kingdom of God? We could at least make a try for bringing peace within us, with the church and in the world. Letís pray that in this Christmas, we will be used for that.

May God bless us all!

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