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Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Good Friday - A new Covenant of God for Humanity

by Alex V. Koshy

St. Matthew 26, 27, St. Mark 14, 15, St. Luke 22,23, St. John 17,18,19

All the above-referred Chapters of the Bible give details on what happened during the last few days of the earthly living of Jesus Christ. All the Apostles of Christ have described the events more or less the same way. Everything happened in a pre-determined manner and our Lord was fully aware of the pains and strains of the cross that he was going to subject himself. Our God in the human body of Jesus Christ prepared that body to face the terrific pain and agony. Although the physical body pleaded at one moment to the Father to spare him from drinking the cup of passion, immediately the soul of Christ that is the part of the God surrendered totally to the will of the God. The will of the God was to establish a new Covenant for the humanity by closing the earlier chapters of prophets and the introduction of the Holy Ghost for redeeming His children from the grip of Satan.

The passion of Christ on the cross was the new Covenant and beginning of the new Chapter the process of salvation for humanity. God loved His creation made in His own image and breath so much that He was determined to redeem the mankind from the grip of Satan. God had to pay a big price for that redemption - the sacrifice of His only Son on the Cross.

The Son of God in the human body as Son of Man knew the purpose of his coming to Earth as a human being at the decision of His Father, our God. All the prophecies before the divine sacrifice of the innocent Lamb had to be fulfilled and a new covenant for humanity to be launched by the God.

The Holy Spirit will redeem any human being who understands the meaning of this new covenant and accepting it as the process of salvation, from the grip of Satan.

That means, one has to accept the truth that the Passion of Christ on the cross was for his sins and that was the big price paid by God for redeeming him from the grip of Satan. This belief is the real faith and acceptance of God’s Covenant. It makes him a free man to walk with the Lord in triumph of real salvation.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, but long suffering (salvation) to us-ward not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II PETER 3:9.)

Why it is a long suffering? Every time the children fall to sin, the Lord suffers until they are saved from the grip of Satan. Greater the delay of repentance for redemption through salvation longer the suffering of the Lord. That is why Jesus told to Saul when he asked the Lord who you are. The reply was 'I am Christ whom you persecute or make suffer.’

The ‘Good Friday’ should not be a ‘Friday of sorrow.’ It is really a great Friday for our God and the Angels in Heaven. On this day our Lord redeemed His children, the entire humanity, by paying a heavy price of sacrificing His own Son. The Satan was defeated and a new Covenant of God for the humanity was made. It was a day of Proclamation of triumph over Satan and entrusting the Holy Spirit the Key of Salvation and the Kingdom of God.

Good Friday should be a real day of joy and triumph for every soul that sought after salvation and the divine love of God. It is a day of reconciliation and sharing of divine love among the children of God.

The main objective or the main message of the Bible is that we all should realize the biblical truth of the gospel words and accept the fact that the Passion of Christ and his death on the cross and the resurrection was only for redeeming the humanity from the grip of Satan that always lead us to temptations of sins.

By totally surrendering our soul and spirit to the Lord’s will and accepting Jesus as our Savior the Holy Ghost of God will protect us and strengthen us. This is called the salvation and in the words of our Lord a ‘Re-birth.’ Once we are in the hands of our Lord there shall not be any earthly sinful feelings of hatred, jealous, materialistic attachments to anything, cruelty etc. Instead the divine love, compassion, simple and humble living, detachment to all earthly gains and glory will prevail upon in every individual, every family, and every church and in every community or nations.

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