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Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Intimacy of God

By Fr. John-Brian
Holy Transfiguration Malankara Orthodox Syrian Mission, WI

God knows each of us intimately. He knows our human-ness with all the accompanying flaws. He knows our hearts. He created their immense capacity to fuel our lives in spiritual healthiness when clear. He can see clearly the plaque of embitterments and disappointments, frustrations and betrayals, that accumulate there during the course of our lives and our decisions.

God knows us, every detail - as the artist or craftsman knows the work of their hands. He knows us authentically the way we were created and, despite the distortions and dirt, he still recognizes us even if we cannot see we are His children, His creation.

He grieves over each that choose spiritual and religious distortion over the Truth - for it changes the image of His perfect creation. He sorrows over each that worldly accumulations of intellectual, emotional and physical satisfactions over treasures with Him at the source of Creation - for it is like the mud and muck that bury precious jewels and no one can see the beautiful sparkling in the light.

God sees us whole and perfect. He sees through the muck and the mud of our sins. He sees us correctly through His eyes of Truth. He can see even the smallest spot on our white and pure spiritual garments. YET, He still loves us and completely as He always has. If we cannot feel it, it is we who have become numb. If we cannot see Him, it is we that have become blind. If we cannot hear him, it is we that have become deaf. If we cannot sense His presence, it is we that have become distant. For He cannot separate Himself from us, but He allows us a choice - the way of life and spiritual fulfillment as we were created or the way of eternal death, separated from the very source of life.

Knowing and seeing all of this, He still waits for us, for our decision to turn again and live by straightening the distortions of our sins and cleaning of our baptismal garments. For most of us, this requires effort. There is only one that truly knows us as we were intended, so it is to Him that we submit the work of our purifying efforts. Since He sees the perfect along with the imperfections, He gives us what we need to see the Truth, to see the small smudges and the grievous clumps of mud so that we can be more of how we truly are. So, we willingly cast all our care upon Him, for He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).

The religious life is the life of intimacy - Into-Me-See - with God in all manifestations of the Holy Trinity. For our God is personal, but not in any human understanding, rather it is a mutual intimacy. For as we become more as we were intended, as we grow in the spiritual progress of theosis, there is a growing mutual intimacy. In seeking true knowledge of our ourselves, true wisdom to live the religious life with all our spirit, we find God. As we find God in that reflection of His own image, we see Him in everyone else. We begin to see others as God does - in truth, in love and in the light where every spot and wrinkle is visible and every facet of the jewel that is our perfectly created-ness sparkles and shines.

With this understanding, the power of the guidance and example He gave us by His incarnation, His life, His crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and ascension. It is the path through the veil past death to wholeness, to paradise. As personal and intimate as this is, it is not for anyone of us alone, but for all of us. Everyone that seeks will find. Everyone who knocks at the door, it will be opened for them. Everyone who truly repents will be forgiven and welcomed into the presence of the Lord.

If we have found, we can guide those who seek. If we are guardians at the door, we can knock for those too weary or too frightened or too sick that seek entrance. If we hold anything against or upon anyone, we can release our bond to them (a bond that binds them and US) by forgiving them. For if we are an obstacle to anyone or cast any stumbling block into their way of reconciliation with God, then we can be assured that we have our backs to God, the source of light, and we are staring into shadows.

Let is be children of light and of the day, not walk as children of the night and of the dark. Let us move into greater into-me-see with our Creator who knows us better than anyone. Let us extend that intimacy with love to all others, for by shedding the light of love, God can be seen clearly.

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