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Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Love meets Justice in God

Mathew Samuel
Albany, NY

Looking at Calvary one finds the ultimate symbol of Love. Jesus is the embodiment of Love. We know of no greater form of Love than that shown by Jesus - the Lamb who willingly chose to become the sacrifice in our place!

But there is something else we often miss when we look at Calvary. We do not see the Father there! But what we do not see is very significant. There indeed is the Father at Calvary, who willed His Son to die so that human beings may not have to die! 

Can we even begin to comprehend what the Father was going through at Calvary? The pain of the Father suffering silently seeing His only begotten son being humiliated, tortured and killed. At each moment of His Passion, His Father was with Him. Can we comprehend the love of that Heavenly Father who willed this to happen? Can we imagine the depth of justice that made the Father Will in this manner for the redemption of mankind? Can we imagine how the powerful, fiery and vengeful Yahweh of the Old Testament tied His own hands and bore the afflictions in silence that mankind was inflicting on His beloved Son?

Our God is a just God. Justice demands punishment for sin. We often wonder if our God is a bloodthirsty God especially if we look at the Yahweh of the Old Testament.

I try to see it this way -- we can imagine the responsibility of a judge in our society who tries to ensure justice. He(she) cannot be overcome by emotions. He has to give his verdict based on the hard facts and evidences presented before him. The justice system is often depicted as a blind folded lady with a balance in hand to weigh the evidence with the crime. The blind fold is to ensure that the justice system is not biased by emotions, to ensure that the judgement is impartial. If even in our imperfect world, we know and understand this form of justice, then how much more just and pure must be God's justice! (justice tends to infinity!) We can only be amazed and can only gape at the greatness that is God.

The Will of the just Father being carried out by the Will of the loving Son. The love of the Just Father making Him to forsake (a divine paradox?!) His beloved Son to enable salvation for a sinful mankind. So many mysteries are attached to Calvary, all designed to provide hope and victory to the fallen man. What we saw there was little, what happened there beyond our sight and understanding was indeed amazing! Thank God, every living soul for your life!

Justice won that day and so did Love! The satisfaction of God in the sacrifice was seen in the Empty Tomb on Sunday!

God is more than Love. Perfect Love meets Perfect Justice in God.

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