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Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

What Did Judas Do???

1. What did Judas do?????

Judas betrayed Jesus. He was a disciple who instead of saving his master conspired to get Jesus arrested.

2. We all believe and say that Judas was one of the most mischievous people in the Bible. Why did he show Jesus to the Jews??? Is that question answered in the Bible?

Judas was one of the many mischievous elements who lived in Jesus time. Judas joined Jesus mission to be a part of the kingdom, which Jesus promised. Unfortunately he didnít have the patience or good-will to understand that this kingdom would be established according to the will of God at His chosen time, and not Judas life-time or at that very moment. Israel was full of fake messiahs and leaders who were deceiving the masses promising them freedom from Rome. Judas felt that Jesus was one among them, and so he betrayed him. He must have felt that he was doing his duty, but he failed to see the spiritual side of the mission.

3. Did he do that to get richer??? If so why did he throw the money and commits suicide. Did Judas dislike Jesus? The Bible doesn't say that.

Judas may have been looking for a role to play in the Jewish society. He may-not have been looking for money completely. Although he took money for the job he was assigned to. Judas definitely didnít sympathize with Jesus and his mission. He may have loathed the thought of living like how Jesus wanted. The bible says Jesus loved him, For God loves mankind including sinners and has compassion on them, and this is His basic nature. The bible says the Jewish elders hated, loathed and despised Jesus. They were jealous of him. Judas belonged to that community. He may have also had the same nature.

4. If he was supposed to commit sin, why did Jesus give him also the bread and wine? Is his sins cleansed by the blood of Jesus? Does he have a spot in the heaven? Is his sins forgiven? Even Peter denied Jesus.

Forgiveness is for all. It is for all who claim to be saints and all who are professed sinners. The bread and wine signifies that God is willing to offer himself, for all. There is no discrimination.

If bread and wine is taken in faith with repentance in the heart the sins are forgiven, else the sins are retained. Bread and wine is not given as insurance for sin. It is given to those who have chosen to abide in God. Not for those who want to sit with God eat at his table and then walk off into their own life and their own projects. Peter also denied, but he was forgiven because he asked for forgiveness. Jesus reminded him thrice about this (betrayal) before he was given the mantle of apostolic leadership.

Judas was a worldly man. He never accepted the power of God over himself and over sin. He did what any guilty man would do. He chucked the money and took his own life. His sins are retained. In the kingdom of God he is not present.

5. How can we compare this and Peter denying Jesus Christ? Was Satan involved in Peter's actions?

Satan is the father of all deception, evil and sin in the world. He has the power on all creations, from Adam's fall. But in Christ we are liberated. Today if a man sins and then repents, God forgives him, in Jesus name. That sin is blotted out.

Sin is not the victor, Christ is. Devil has no control over those who abide in Jesus. Thatís why we have eternal life and fullness in the kingdom to come with Christ. For Satan is overcome and sin is dead, and the saints live in the bosom of the Son of God. This is the promise of Jesus. All who believe are eligible for this.

It is true that prayer is the stronghold for all who are tempted by Satan. But the end of prayer is victory; this is assured to all who believe in the Son of God. History says our beloved apostle Peter was martyred for Jesus. He may have denied Jesus thrice, But he was forgiven, restored and gave his life for Jesus. He is in heaven with Jesus.

Source: Group Elder, MOSC forum

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Story of Joseph in the Bible is an epitome of a forgiving mind, a proof that even if man decides to hurt one's feelings or rob one's best part of life, nothing shall ultimately prevail against what God has destined.

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