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Fasting is good for heart and long life

by: E. S. John, Australia

Fasting is a branch of science, not necessarily be a religious teaching. It is good to the heart because the heart is the nerve centre of life. All the religious teachings have a science behind to prove that it is good for our body that enshrine the soul within. So much toxin is produced and accumulated by the body system while it is running our mind and body continually. This toxin is consumed as food. While we fast, that purify our system. This is not a new invention; it has been taught over the years that the chemical action within our body deposit toxin that work as the manufacturers of chronic diseases. This can be eliminated by fasting that paves the body to concentrate potentially for super prayers and concentrated meditation.

While love emanates creative chemicals, hatred produces harmful chemicals that eat away our vital forces that are the dynamos of life. The observance of all our religious teachings helps for a higher life, whereas the violation of them make the body a nursery of toxins.

Fan doesn't need fanning, Fasting is for our benefits and comforts. All the Heavenly commandments are for our own benefits, not for God. If we follow these commandments, we feel that we are healthy and sound, so that we can launch our spirit to the higher realms of spiritual planes, 'a sound mind in a sound body'.

As the heart is the propeller and radar of our life, fasting that makes the body pure helps the heart for higher vibrations of our spirit. Our prayers during the fasting periods are more potent than during the gluttonous life of mediocrity. Abstaining from certain food is only an appetizer, whereas rigorous fasting that consumes toxin should be the ideal fasting norm.

Our forefathers achieved the spiritual elation because of total fasting and prayer till 3 PM. Our present fasting can be treated as symbolic fasting that neither cleanse the body nor reduce the toxic level. However, something is better than nothing, a symbolic participation of the passions of Christ. Fasting from every aspect of life is imperative for the cleansing of our body that holds the spirit for its conducive operations. Give a fasting time for our tongue, the kindler of wild fire.

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Fasting is good for heart and long life
As a principle for spiritual preparation, if one fasts before receiving Holy Eucharist in empty stomach it is good for health of mind, body and spirit. Observe the Holy Lent with proper fasting, prayer and humility for the blessing of you, your family and the church.

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