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Gospel is about The Kingdom of God

By Rev. Fr. Babu Varghese

'The Kingdom of God' This is the primary and predominant theme in the Gospel. It was to make a fallen creation aware of this, that the Lord became incarnate.

In a world with no newspapers, TV or radio, a thirty year old carpenter's son is making waves. People are seeking him out. They are coming from far and wide to meet this person. How come?

Physical satisfaction is the weakness of man. Hunger, sickness and death, these have always had the power to cripple mankind into submission and curtail his spiritual growth. The Lord uses the weakness of mankind to reach out into their midst. He fed them, healed them and raised their dead. The end result was awesome. His fame spread far and wide. But his message was something far removed from the worldly. The Sermon on the Mount begins and ends in one theme - "The Kingdom of God".

The Christ revealed to us that the Almighty and all knowing God known to mankind was none other than their own Father. Christ revealed the Loving Father to us. Everything that the father has, belong to the sons. The children who realize this go to church on Sunday to talk with Him and to enjoy His company, rather than with a laundry list of their wants.

There is no such thing as personal salvation. There cannot be a salvation just for me. Corporate salvation is what is taught by the Church.

The departed remain in union with the mystical Body of Christ, they are as much part of the Church as we are. We do great disservice to our departed forefathers, by ignoring to offer prayers for them and by not being involved in the prayers offered for them.

All through the Bible, man has always reacted in the same manner whenever he has come face to face with the glory of God. In Peter's words "I am a sinner, go away from me". The closeness to God always brings forth repentance.

The power of the Word of God created the World. A mere utterance of 'Let there be Light' was enough for Light to come to existence. The same Word of God instituted the Sacrament of the Holy Mass. 'This is my body', 'This is my blood, poured out for the remission of sins for many' 'Do this in remembrance of me'. Do we have any doubts about the power of the Word of God and the Truth of the Mystery of the Sacrament?

Source: Excepts from a retreat

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