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Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Love Has a Name

by by Debbee Combs

When your life is a wreck, you've no purpose or aim - 
Love has a name. 

When you've gambled it all and you've lost at life's game - 
Love has a name. 

If your relationship has crumbled, all that remains is the blame - 
Love has a name. 

When you've used and abused but you never reached fame - 
Love has a name. 

When your health is destroyed, your body failing or lame - 
Love has a name. 

If your children become creatures, more like animals you can't tame - 
Love has a name. 

And your world seems destroyed, there's no hope only shame - 
Love has a name. 

The "Name" that restores, that can heal and replace 
All that you've lost, that can bring you the grace 
To start a new life, to heal family and soul, 
Is the "Name" of the One 
Who refines us like gold! 

Just whisper, "Jesus," in your depths of despair 
And whatever He's doing, He's already there 
To strengthen you, hold you, to fill you with power 
To defeat all your foes so you no longer cower. 

The matchless name of "Jesus - He's your Truth, He's your Light, 
Your Redeemer, your Salvation, your very Breath, your Life! 
Love has a name - His name is "Jesus"

Source: Dr. Neil Chadwick

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