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Many Paths to One God

Inner Peace

In this world we are constantly under physical and/or mental stress. The reason for this stress is that we become slaves of endless desires and uncontrolled emotions such as hatred, jealousy, anger etc. We feel powerless and limited in what we can do. At the same time we all have expectations. We expect certain things from others; others expect many things from us. Whenever these expectations are not fulfilled it causes frustration, depression and agony. It manifests as stress.

Many people take short refuge from stresses in this world by going for entertainment, watching TV, drinking, etc. These does not attack the root problem; the solutions are temporary. We need to develop something special that can save us from these stresses and give us not just a temporary relief but a permanent satisfaction and peace in the deepest of our soul which enable us to lead a blissful and tension free life. Hinduism has several suggestions on how to accomplish this. The answer is meditation.

When you abandon every desire that rises up within you, and when you become content with things as they are, then you experience inner peace.

When your mind is untroubled by misfortune, when you desire no pleasures, when your emotions are tranquil, and when you are free from fear and anger, then you experience inner calm.

When you are free from all attachments, when you are indifferent to success and failure, then you experience inner serenity.

When you can withdraw your senses from pleasures of the senses, just as a tortoise withdraws its limbs, then you experience inner wisdom.

When no pleasure and no desire can touch the soul, then you experience the highest state of consciousness.

Yet even those who are close to this state, can suddenly be carried away by a sudden surge of desire. Thus you must learn to meditate, controlling your senses, and focusing your- self entirely on me.

Gita 2.55-61

Those who are focused on the objects of the senses, become attached to those objects. From attachment comes desire; and from desire comes anger; from anger comes confusion of mind; from confusion of mind comes loss of memory; from loss of memory comes loss of intelligence; and from loss of intelligence comes destruction.

But those who can move in the world of the senses, and yet be free from both attachment and aversion, experience inner peace, in which there is no sorrow or sadness. This is wisdom, which arises from knowledge of the soul.

If your mind is distracted by the senses, how can you meditate? If you cannot meditate, how can you experience inner peace? And if you cannot experience inner peace, how can you know joy? When you let your mind follow the senses, they carry away all wisdom -just as storms carry a boat from its course on the sea.

Devote yourself to freeing the senses from attachment and aversion alike. In this way you will dispel the darkness of ignorance -which most people regard as day and awake to the light of truth.

Rivers flow into the sea, but cannot make the sea over flow. In the same way the streams of impressions from the world of senses will flow into your mind, but they will no make your passions overflow. On the contrary , you will remain calm and tranquil.

Gita 2:62-70

Soul is infinite; it has no end although the body that contain the soul has its beginning and end. The soul is the energy. It causes all our thoughts and actions and everything else. But soul is untouched by good or evil, pleasure or pain, heat or cold although it lends its light to everything.

We should make every effort to get peace for ourselves and others. We need to do this while we are alive.

To attain peace many people undertake religious pilgrimages, read religious books,  perform rituals, etc. These can bring peace if it is approached in a very pure manner (without any expectation) and with full faith. 

Some people worship because they are afraid that something evil or bad could happen to them if they do not worship. They pray to God because they believe that if they do not do so bad things will happen to them. Or they will pray with high expectations that something good will come to them. They get very disappointed when their wishes are not met by god.

To attain inner peace, we should love or pray to God unconditionally; like a honest lover who loves his/her beloved without any fear and expectation of reward

We are trying to improve and amend people and things around us but We are still not trying to throw away evil of negative thoughts which is deeply rooted inside us. If we throw away evil of our negative thoughts, things and people around us will automatically improve.

Everybody who is willing to get peace or like to attain perfection in materialistic world or having any type of physical or psychological problem can start meditation and he/she will feel himself or herself change in his or her life.

Meditation does not mean complete renunciation of our desires. It means that while enjoying this beautiful world, we must not become slave to our desires. We must avoid the two extremes-high luxuries and great simplicity. We should maintain a balance in our lives and enjoy a happy and a relaxed life. When a person can do this he will be happy in his life and will obtain inner peace.

In short, be what you are. Don't try to be what you are not. If you try to be what you are not you will never be successful. You will always feel incomplete and unfulfilled. If you simply try to be what you are under the proper guidance you will have an incredible reawakening experience, a mystical transformation of consciousness. You will attain true and lasting peace and happiness. You will become one of that small elite of persons in history who actually realized their full potential.

yasya deve para bhaktir
yatha deve tatha gurau
tasyaite kathita hy arthah
prakasante mahatmanah

"Only unto one who has unflinching devotion to the Lord and to the spiritual master does transcendental knowledge become automatically revealed."

Svetasvatara Upanisad 6.23

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