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Many Paths to One God

Sanathana Dharma Principles

by Dr. BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju

Prajnaanam Brahma , Aham Brahmaasmi , That Thvam Asi , Ayam Aathma

Lord is Supreme Intelligence.
I am Consciousness. 
Thou art That. 
I am The Soul, Jeevaathma which is a spark of Paramaathma.

Meditation - Slokam = sthothram = extolling The GOD. 
Upachaaram = 16 (shodasa) ways of Pooja (serving The GOD).
Praajaapathyam = abdication of of all earthly treasures and live simply like a pious mendicant eating very frugally. 
Chaandrayana Vratham = eating frugally during the bright fortnight of Moon and gradual abstinence from food during the dark fortnight of Moon. 
Inculcate Holistic vision; concentrate on the path of moral and spiritual guidance towards liberation (moksha).

Vedas are the only valid scriptures that lead us along the path towards the spiritual goal of Moksha.

Bhakthi (spiritual devotion) is focused love towards Almighty devoid of all desires. Theism is religious fervor based on absolute faith in GOD. 
Wholehearted surrender to GOD paves the way towards salvation, escape from trans migratory cycle of repeated births and deaths.

All that we see is temporary - jaathasya maranam dhruvam = all that has a beginning has an end including sun, moon, planets etc, except The Supreme Almighty God who is Adi - Madhya - Antha Rahitha = One who has no beginning, no middle, and no end.

Jeevathma and Paramathma can be separate (dwaitha), they can be one and the same, inseparable (adwaitha), they can have separate identities Jeevathma as a humble servant and Paramathma as exalted Master, yet coexisting (visishtaadwaitha), Jeevathma is a small spark separated from Paramathma and yearning to merge in Paramathma as a child craving for mother's lap Sudha adwaitha, Pushti Maarga), Jeevathma and Paramathma in an illusory state of separateness to ordinary mortals, but seers realize the oneness of both (dwaitha- adwaitha).

Achinthyaa Bhedha Abhedha. Just as the soul is craving like a child to join the mother, the god is eagerly waiting to liberate the soul and merge it into the eternal Paramathma.

Artha = earn money honestly; 
Kaama = enjoy the pleasures of life righteously; 
Dharma = lead the life with detachment, without ego and help others who are less fortunate; 
Moksha = finally step back, seek liberation, retire.

Avoid excess , it only leads to suffering. 
Discharge your responsibilities to your parents, to yourself, to your family, towards society, to fellow human beings, to your progeny, to wise sages, rishis etc and lastly to GOD.

Sanathana Dharma is eternal, it has no beginning, so it has no end. It is nurtured by Gods, Swamis, Rishis, Seers, Sages, Vedas, Upanishads, Epics, Intellectuals, thinkers, philosophers, and modern scientists. Science and Sanathana dharma are co equals. Sanathana Dharma is original, adaptive, constantly evolving, all embracive and all assimilating. All religions are off shoots of Sanathana Dharma which is a huge banyan tree.

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