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Many Paths to One God

Supreme Being

by Dr. BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju

Some thoughts about Supreme Being as described by learned pandits (learned ones):

"The Supreme Being is the Eternal Truth beyond description, yet revealed to Sages. 
The Supreme can be He or She or even Artha- naareeswar. 
IT is not limited by space, time form and natural forces. 
IT is the creator of all the natural forces, qualities, attributes, limitations and yet IT is beyond all those. 
IT is all pervasive, Omnipresent, Nameless yet every conceivable there was and is. 
IT is the cause of all the Creation, all that we see, all that we do not see, Pasupathi, Lord of every living thing and is present as both animate and inanimate.
IT is the sun, moon, planets, stars and all the five elements. 
IT is the soul Jeevathma and Paramathma.
IT sustains and controls IT's own creation and finally assimilates. 
IT is ParaBrahma, IT is Parameshwara. 
IT is MahaVishnu, Naarayana and IT is MahaShakthi. 
IT is not born, IT is eternel and will be there when everything else is not there. 
IT is divine yet accessible to a devotee." 

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