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Believe The Word The First Time God Speaks
by Robin Kegler

There are times as leaders when circumstances and the things we see and feel are contrary to the word God spoke to our heart. In those times we can choose to accept the word of God by faith, or move based on what we see and experience.

In Luke Chapter 1, Zechariah served as priest before God in the temple. He and his wife Elizabeth did not have children and were well in years. Gabriel, the angel of the Lord, came to Zechariah with news that his wife Elizabeth will have a son and that the child is to be named John. Zechariah did not believe Gabriel and was unable to speak until the manifestation of the word came to pass. Elizabeth did believe the word and became pregnant. During her first five months of pregnancy she said, "The Lord has done this for me."

Gabriel also visited Mary, Elizabeth's cousin and announced that she would give birth to the Jesus. Mary's response, "I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said." Both Mary and Elizabeth believed the word the angel, Gabriel spoke to them the first time and like Abraham (Genesis 15:6), it was counted to them as righteousness.

The Impact of Elizabeth and Mary's Belief In The Word Spoken By God

1. Elizabeth was a descendant of Aaron. Aaron was the mouthpiece for Moses. Moses led Israel out of bondage in Egypt toward freedom in Canaan.

2. Elizabeth carried John, the mouthpiece for Jesus (Luke 1:16-17).

3. Mary, Elizabeth's cousin carried Jesus. Jesus provided release from the bondage of sin and death and access to eternal life through His death, burial and resurrection (Luke 2:11).

4. Elizabeth, John and Zechariah were filled with the Holy Spirit before the outpouring on the Day of Pentecost (Luke 1:15, 41,67).

5. Jesus and John's purpose in the earth was prophetically spoken before their birth and later fulfilled in the earth (Luke 1:14-17; 32-33).

Elizabeth and Mary's belief in the word God spoke to them had eternal impact. Many times we cannot see the far-reaching consequences of our decisions until years later. Fear can hinder our belief. Faith releases our belief to fully manifest all the promises of the word spoken in our lives.

Many biblical personalities never saw the fulfillment of the promise during their lifetime. Did they stop believing? No. They kept the faith, knowing that a day was coming when they would be face to face with the promise.

Be Encouraged By Elizabeth and Mary's Example

1. Believe what God said to you the first time. As you walk by faith, the word God spoke concerning your purpose, life, family, business or ministry will come to pass. It will also be counted to you as righteousness.

2. You are a mouthpiece for Christ in the earth.

People are watching you as you live out your faith daily. Decide to boldly proclaim the word and instructions God gives you when others are pressing for answers.

3. You possess the power of the Holy Spirit within you.

The Holy Spirit will call to remembrance what God said. The Holy Spirit will strengthen you as you walk through the process of fulfilling the Word.

4. God has prophetically spoken the Word on your life concerning your purpose and destiny before you were born.

Ask Him to give you the next steps you are to take to keep you moving in the direction He wants for your life.

Robin Kegler is a Life Coach, trainer and speaker. Robin is founder of Fanning The Flame; a resource providing practical tools you can use today to ignite vision-driven leadership. Visit http://www.fanningtheflame.net to sign up for the FREE newsletter and complimentary coaching session.

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