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Christmas Message -2003
By Rosamma Samuel, Sankarathil

Christmas season spells the season of love, joy and peace. We celebrate Christmas to commemorate God's great gift to mankind, and that gift is the birth of Christ. As we patiently wait for the coming of the glorious King we must spiritually prepare our body, mind and soul beforehand through fasting, Bible reading, prayers and songs.

Christmas reminds us of God's love and through our selfless actions we must reflect that love. It is the season of sharing. Putting up a Christmas tree, decorating our homes, baking cakes and eating endlessly is not the true meaning of Christmas. We must inculcate God's everlasting love in our day to day lives. Sharing our joys, our happiness and our fortunes with those less fortunate than us is a beautiful start.

Most of us must have brought dozens of chocolates and expensive gifts to give our children but those are only temporary gifts. Give them something more meaningful, more long lasting to live with this season and that is the gift of knowing Christ.

Parents play an important role in molding their children's lives. It is their sincere contribution that produces fruitful results. To improve our children's mental capacities and thinking abilities, family prayers and fasting have a profound role. As parents, right from their childhood we must teach our children the importance of fasting, prayers and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. By showing them the path of Christianity they will improve in their mental ability and behavioral quality. It will bring discipline in their lives both academically as well as socially. In today's age of temptation and sin, they will gain the strength to withstand Satanic forces and turn away from evil.

Mathew 7:11 says,
" You know how to give good things to your children. How much more then will your Father in Heaven give good things to those who ask Him."

Jesus has taught us that it is only through fasting and prayers that we can be redeemed independent of all evil forces. Keeping this in mind, let us become firm in our faith and bring our children up to become ideal Christians. Then we shall have peace in our community, our family and with ourselves. May the strength of the Holy Trinity guide us this season to grant our children the eternal gift of knowing Jesus Christ in their lives.


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