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Islam - Religious Duty - Five Pillars

The fundamental practice of Muslim faith can be summed up as the "Five Pillars' (al-Arkan). 

1. Repetition of the creed (Shahada). La ilaha illa Allah- Muhammad rasul Allah: "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah." 

This profession is whispered at birth, at death, during daily prayers, and at virtually all other events of significance in individual and community life. For a new convert to Islam, it represents the initial act of commitment that henceforth leads to an acceptance of all other aspects of Islam. 

The first statement ("la ilaha ilia Allah") affirms acceptance of the absolute unity of God.

The second statement ("wa Muhammad rasul Allah ") relates this unity to the medium through which the Absolute becomes manifested. 

This manifestation makes it possible for human beings to respond to God in this world. The shahadah thus links God, the Prophet, and the believers. 

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