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Islam - The Religion of Submission to God

A "Muslim" is "one who submits" or "one who commits himself to Islam." 

The word Islam is a noun formed from the infinitive of a verb meaning "to accept," "to submit," "to commit oneself," and means "submission" or "surrender." 

The followers of Islam accept it as the absolute and final faith, and they are proud to be able to follow it. Islam has one basic scripture, preserved from the first in a state of textual purity. It is called The Quran (Koran). 

Muslims revere Muhammad for transmitting the revelation contained in the Koran and for translating it into action. 

The Faith and Practice of Islam

The teachings of Muhammad is basis of the faith (Iman) and practice or duty (din) of Islam. 
Islam philosophy can be described under three headings:

Faith (iman) and good conduct (ihsan) were set forth in the Koran. Religious duty (ibadat) has evolved and was defined later. 

Islam - Articles of Faith

1. Tawhid, The Unity of God

2. Right Conduct.

Religious Duty - Five Pillars

1. Repetition of the creed (Shahada)

2. Prayer: Salat, Dhikr, And Du'a - Acts Of Worship

3. Almsgiving (Zakat)

4. Fasting during the sacred month of Ramadan

5. Pilgrimage (Hajj)

Islam And The ASIM Of Life

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