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Islam - Articles of Faith

2. Right Conduct. 

Ummah: The Community In Islam 

The Quran regards individuals as part of a community in which the totality of Islamic values and goals can be expressed and realized. The setting and the context in which this is done is called Ummah. It is the embodiment of the model behavior expected of society and individuals, and as such represents an example to other human societies. It also embraces the wider goal in the Quran of maintaining a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of life.

The Koran has supplied Muslims with a comprehensive code of conduct for everyday life. It prescribes a wide range of acts for Muslims, of either sex, from birth to death. In Muslim countries, these guidelines form the basis for their laws. Islamic laws prohibit wine and gambling. There are regulations covering the relations of the sexes. Women are granted a higher status.

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