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Key Words of the Bible
By Paul Ciniraj, Kerala, India

Old Testament

Genesis - Beginnings 
Exodus - Redemption
Leviticus - Holiness
Numbers - Wanderings
Deuteronomy - Covenant
Joshua - Conquest
Judges - Cycles
Ruth - Kinsman - Redeemer
1 Samuel - Transition
2 Samuel - David
1 Kings - Division of the Kingdom
2 Kings - Captivities of the Kingdom
1 Chronicles - establishing God's House 
2 Chronicles - Priestly view of Judah
Ezra - Temple
Nehemiah - Jerusalem Walls
Esther - Providence
Job - Sovereignty
Psalms - Worship
Proverbs - Wisdom
Ecclesiastes - Vanity
Song of Solomon - Love in Marriage
Isaiah - Salvation Is of the Lord
Jeremiah - Judah's Last Hour
Lamentations - Lamentations
Ezekiel - The Future Restoration of Israel
Daniel - God's Program for Israel
Hosea - The Loyal Love of God for Israel
Joel - The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord
Amos - The Judgement of Israel
Obadiah - The Judgement of Edom
Jonah - The Revival in Nineveh
Micah - The Judgment and Restoration of Judah
Nahum - The Judgment of Nineveh
Habakkuk - The Just Shall Live by HIS Faith
Zephaniah - The Day of the Lord
Haggai - The Reconstruction of the Temple
Zechariah - Prepare for the Messiah
Malachi - An Appeal to Backsliders

New Testament

Matthew - Jesus the King
Mark - Jesus the Servant
Luke - Jesus the Son of Man
John - Believe That Jesus Is the Son of God
Acts of the Apostles - The Growth of the Church
Romans - The Righteousness of God
1 Corinthians - Correction of Carnal Living
2 Corinthians - Paul's Defense of His Ministry
Galatians - Freedom from the Law
Ephesians - Building the Body of Christ
Philippians - To Love Is Christ
Colossians - The Preeminence of Christ
1 Thessalonians - Holiness in Light of Christ's Return
2 Thessalonians - Understanding the Day of the Lord
1 Timothy - Leadership Manual for Church Organization
2 Timothy - Endurance in the Pastoral Ministry
Titus - Conduct Manual for Church Living
Philemon - Forgiveness from Slavery
Hebrews - The Superiority of Christ
James - Faith That Works
1 Peter - Suffering for the Cause of Christ
2 Peter - Guard Against False Teachers
1 John - Fellowship with God
2 John - Avoid Fellowship with False Teachers
3 John - Enjoy Fellowship with the Brethren
Jude - Contend for the Faith
Revelation - The Revelation of the Coming of Christ

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