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Okay, Jesus. Let's Go!
Staying Responsive To The Desires Of Jesus

by Lee Wise


Mark 2:13-14 "Once again Jesus went out beside the lake. A large crowd came to him, and he began to teach them. As he walked along, he saw Levi son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax collector's booth. 'Follow me,' Jesus told him, and Levi got up and followed him"


What a picture of the simplicity of the Christian life.

Jesus says: "Follow me"


"Levi got up and followed him."

Levi immediately got up and did what Jesus wanted him to do. That's the attitude Jesus needs to see in my life.

When he says: "Follow me," I should say in return: "Okay, Jesus. Let's go."

When I read this section of scripture during my devotional time and reflected on the short interchange between Christ and Levi, I wrote:

"Amazing. Thought provoking. Challenging."

I would say the same today.


I relate to that.

It's simple and to the point.

I would be the first to admit that I am a long ways from being perfect in this area, but let me venture out and give you a few tips on living what might be termed an "Okay, Jesus. Let's go!" way of life.


If we are going to follow Levi's example and respond quickly to what Jesus says to us, I believe we must *SEE THE VALUE* of following him.

In a word, this has to do with *PERSPECTIVE.*

The only way I have found to keep up this right perspective is through *exposure.*
bullet Exposure to God in the Word.
bullet Exposure to God in prayer.
bullet Exposure to godly people.
bullet And exposure to the thoughts of others who are sincerely striving to live their lives connected with God. 

My advice:
bullet Look for people of passion.
bullet Absorb what they are thinking.
bullet Absorb that they are doing.
bullet Let their passion create in you a similar desire to walk with the living God.

And that leads to my next point, which is...


Along with maintaining a right perspective concerning the value of following Christ as a way of life, we should look for ways to *reinforce our desire* to do so.

This has to do with *staying motivated.*

When you find that someone or something motivates you to "live the higher life," then keep "walking down that same path" for a while. You may only walk there for a day, but that's okay. Then again, you may walk down that path for a week, a month, or longer.

Let me explain what I mean. Sometime ago I purchased an audio book on prayer. My guess is that I rehearsed the first tape of that book at least three times. The author inspired me concerning praying with a sense of passion. He challenged me to seek God's blessing upon my life and ministry.

The author was "recreating my desire" to follow Jesus.

By discovering what motivates you and then "walking down that same path" for a certain period of time, I am encouraging you to be creative with what you bring into your life. If something stimulates your Christian walk for only a short period of time, then "use" it for that length of time and move on. Then again, if you identify another source of inspiration that lasts longer -- take longer.

Think of these various encouragements as tools of the Lord.

Now on to my last point:


In short, study the Savior.
bulletRead about him.
bulletThink about him.
bulletSee how he responded to people.
bulletCheck out the passions of his life.
bulletSee what he taught people.

Continual and close examination of Jesus will help us to remain sensitive to his voice.


In order to remain sensitive to the Person of Christ, it would be good for us to...
bulletAcknowledge the immense value of following him. We do this through staying in close proximity to God through prayer, the study of his word, and associating with godly people.
bulletRecreate the desire to follow Jesus by paying attention to what motivates us to stay on course and keeping those "motivators" in our lives.
bulletStudy the Person of Christ. As we become more aware of the his priorities, habit patterns, dealings with people and his teachings, our admiration for him increases as does our desire to please him in all things.

Lee is a seminary administrator where supervises student interns as they train for ministry, writes two motivational ezines: "A Beautiful Moment In Time" and "Hope For Daily Living," and enjoys doing part-time business at home. www.motivation-for-daily-living.net

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