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Peace on Earth. Good Will Towards Men: A Vedic Perspective
By Sankarshan Das Adhikari

Love of God is one. It does not matter how one develops love of God. Whether one follows Krishna, Christ, Buddha, or Allah if one actually develops pure love for God their life is a perfect success.

Unfortunately nowadays people will cling to some particular designation, "I'm a Hindu. I'm a Christian. I'm a Muslim." They think that they become spiritually advanced simply by clinging to a particular designation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You can't become liberated simply by wearing a badge. You have to change your consciousness within. Clinging to a bodily designations is a symptom of someone who is in material consciousness. The actual spiritual platform is beyond the platform of bodily designations.

Those of us who are blessed with the mostly deeply spiritual Vedic knowledge, beyond the modern-day petty sectarianism, understand and appreciate all the great saintly teachers of history. We realize that they were all teaching the same thing, that one should fully surrender oneself unto the Supreme Lord. We prefer to address God by the name "Krishna", not because it's the only name. The name "Krishna" is preferred because, according the science of word meanings, it is the most inclusive name for God, including all of the other names for God within it. This of course in no way denigrates the other names, many of which we also utilize.

In these times when all over the world people are fighting and killing each other over bodily designations, the world leaders could do the greatest service to their followers by personally adopting the principles of Krishna (God) consciousness and assisting us in this greatest of all welfare activities, spreading Krishna (God) consciousness all over the world. This will bring in the actual fulfillment of the Biblical words "Peace on earth. Good will towards men." Luke 2:14

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