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Communion with God
Adapted from an 1896 Scottish Bible by Allan Thornton

It's 4 am for me and I was looking for spiritual something and I came across your website. I enjoyed the selected prayers. I wonder if I may offer one for your website. I found this in an 1896 Bible that I bought here in Scotland, so I do not know its provenance or age, but it is very beautiful. I "tidied" it a little to make it more applicable to a modern age and I have shared it with many. If, God willing, you accept this prayer then it will be shared by many more.

Beannachd Dia dhuit (blessings of God be with you - ScotsGaelic)

Allan Thornton

My child, it is not necessary to know much to please Me; it is sufficient to love much. Speak to Me as thou would'st to a mother, if she drew thee near to her. Are there any for whom thou would'st pray to Me? Repeat to Me the names of thy relations, thy friends; after each name add what thou would'st have Me do for them. Ask much, ask much; I love generous souls who forget themselves for others.

Tell me of the poor whom thou would'st relieve, the sick whom thou hast seen suffer, the sinners thou would'st have converted, those who are alienated from thee, whose affection thou would regain. Are there graces thou would'st ask for thyself? Write, if thou wilt, a long list of all thou desirest, of all the needs of thy soul, and come and read it to Me.

Tell Me simply how proud thou art, how sensitive, egotistical, mean and indolent. Poor child, do not blush; there are in heaven many saints who had thy faults; they prayed to me, and , little by little, their faults were corrected. Do not hesitate to ask Me for blessings for the body and mind; for health, memory and success. I can give all things, and I always give when blessings are needed to render souls more holy.

Today, what wilt thou have, My child? If thou knewest how I long to do thee good. Hast thou plans which occupy thee? Lay them all before me. Dost thou wish to give pleasure to thy mother, to thy family, to those on whom thou dost depend? What would'st thou for them? And for Me? Hast thou no zealous thought for Me? Dost thou not wish to do a little good to the souls of thy friends, who have perhaps forgotten Me?

Bring me all thy failures and I shall show thee the cause of them. Hast thou no troubles? Who has caused thee pain? Tell me all, and by and by thou wilt finish by adding that thou wilt pardon, thou wilt not hold it close; and I will bless thee. Dost thou dread something painful? Is there in thy heart a vain fear which is not reasonable, but which is tormenting? Trust thyself wholly to Me. I am here. I see everything. I will not leave thee.

Hast thou not joys to make known to me? Why dost thou not let me share in thy happiness? Tell me what has happened since yesterday, to cheer and console thee. An unexpected visit which did thee good; a fear suddenly dissipated; a success thou knowest thou should'st not reach; a mark of affection, a letter, a gift, which thou hast received; I have prepared it all for thee without need for thanks.

Art thou resolved no longer to expose thyself to this temptation? not to finish this book which excited thy imagination? no longer, to give thy friendship to a person who is not godly and whose presence disturbs the peace of thy soul? Wilt thou go at once to do a kindness to this companion who has hurt thee?

Well, My child, go now, take up thy work, be silent, humble, kind: and coming back tomorrow, bring me a heart still more loving. Tomorrow I shall have more blessings for thee.

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