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Success Tip 1- Put God First
by Robin Kegler

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

God’s purpose and destiny for us is based upon what He spoke into our spirit before we were. His “Kingdom view” of the whole picture of our lives exceeds our finite “earthly view” of the portion we see for ourselves. True success always begins with putting God first. Putting God first includes looking to Him as our source to His resources.

I remember the months leading up to pursuing Fanning The Flame full time. I tried to figure out in my mind how make sure I had a “cushion” to keep me from falling flat on my face in case things did not work out. During that time, I was presented with a coaching opportunity (99% mine according to sources at the company) that would replace the income I received as a teacher, scheduled three group coaching sessions and had an inside track on a corporate coaching opportunity. I was feeling confident that the transition from teaching full time and coaching part time to coaching, training and speaking full time was going to be an easy transition. My confidence, my source was in each of those opportunities.

In the months that followed, the corporate coaching opportunity fizzled when the contact person changed jobs. The group coaching sessions were successful. After months of waiting for the “perfect” coaching opportunity that was 99% mine to be finalized, I received a phone call from their Human Resource representative declining my services. That was one of the hardest days in my life.

I asked God what was going on. His response was that I did not fully trust Him as my Source to His resources. Seeking God first as it related to each of those opportunities, would have kept me from being anxious about the outcome. As I began to seek Him and understand God’s plans for me in each situation I have been able to maintain my peace because my mind has been stayed on Him. Since that time, greater opportunities related to my interests, experience and vision for Fanning The Flame have come my way as I have continued to pursue His heart (who God is) and not just His hand (what He has for me).

How much does God care for us? Each one of us is made in His image and after His likeness. We are more valuable than the birds (Matthew 6:26) that He feeds and provides for daily.

Something to think about:

How is God moving in your life? 
Where does He want you to go today? 
What does He want you to be and do just for today? 
What is God’s provision for you today?

Seek God first (who He is) and then look for His hand. It’s pointing in the direction leading to His resources for you today.

Excerpt from “15 Biblical Keys To Success.” 

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Robin Kegler is a Life Coach, trainer and speaker. Robin is founder of Fanning The Flame; a resource providing practical tools you can use today to ignite vision-driven leadership. Visit http://www.fanningtheflame.net to sign up for newsletter and complimentary coaching session.

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