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The Power of Affirmative Prayer 
By Rev. Terry Lund 

Whenever I hear the term "affirmative prayer," I think of my grandmother who taught me to pray this way from the time I was quite young. She would say to me, "Just know" (that you are well, happy, peaceful, etc.). At the time, I didn't know what that meant; however, I have come to understand affirmative prayer for what it is-affirming the Truth of who I really am. 

Even though I may be feeling ill or unhappy or frightened, deep down within me I know the Truth of my being, that I am a child of God. I know that my essence, my true self is healthy, whole, and well. I know that my true self is not frightened or unhappy because I am one with my creator, God. Therefore, I am cared for and protected. 

When I affirm that I am healthy and whole, I am affirming that I was created by God to be whole and healthy. As I continue using this affirmative prayer, my body responds with the healing it needs. 

The following affirmative prayers comfort me in times of trouble and uplift me in times of fear or despair. They are powerful and bring results quickly.

  • My life is filled with joy and harmony.
  • I am a whole and holy being living in God's Presence.
  • I am grateful for everything in my life.
  • God's work is evident in my body. Every atom, cell, and molecule is responding now to God's healing energy. 

I encourage you to try using affirmative prayer and see for yourself the wondrous blessings you will receive. Remember, affirmative prayer does not deny any condition or situation. It affirms the power of God's presence within me to return me to the joy, wholeness, and health as created by God.

About the Author:

The Reverend Terry Lund is chairperson of Prayer Studies and Skills at Unity world headquarters, Unity Village, Missouri. For more information or to request affirmative, confidential prayer online from Unity's transdenominational prayer ministry, log on to www.unityonline.org/ho Or to have someone from Unity pray directly with you, day or night, call 816-969-2000

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