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Using Prayer And Meditation With Color And Light
by Robert Felix

Once, people believed that they existed in a world familiar with the Divine. When kings, queens, shamans or shepherds were confused by a dilemma, a God would appear and speak to them. The enraptured mortal would hear this counsel and act in accordance with the Deity’s wish.

Today, however, it seems few of us feel connected to a power greater than our own. In our modern world, we understand the stories of that earlier age as fables at best. Although most of us continue to believe in Spiritual Beings, many of us consider the personal interaction of humanity and the Divine as only a dream.

But it is a sad mistake to believe that mankind is alone in the universe. Whenever we rely on the reality of our “human” powers, we limit ourselves to the survival skills of our unique physical, intellectual, emotional and cultural/spiritual heritage. However, once we choose to develop our “higher” powers, we open up to an incredible prosperity of Pure Love that brings forth new instincts for the Body, inspirations for the Mind, enlightenment for the Heart and intuition for the Soul.

The Partners Within offers 10 prayer meditations that build partnerships between your human and higher powers. These partnerships use prayer to guide your behavior and thoughts and meditation to nurture your feelings and beliefs. The first seven partnerships use the color spectrum of light to help you choose what is best for the dual powers of your left and right brain. The last three use a pure white light to help you see what is best for your personal growth. The goal is to bring all of your powers together, creating a “partner within” that begins a journey to the Highest Power of all, Pure Love. Ultimately, allowing you to bring your reality and dreams together as one.

As we bring more Pure Love into our lives, we magnify our sense of feeling loved. We expand the excitement and joy of being truly alive. We become empowered to love and act in the conduct of good will for ourselves and for all of humanity. The Divine is still with us and touches our everyday lives. In the words of the 14th century Florentine poet Dante Alighieri, “God is the love that moves the sun and all the stars.” We need only to seek it, and listen.

The Prayer Meditations of The Partners Within ©

“Hello, Pure Spirit, Creator of Life,

Thank You for the Gifts of Color and Light, Sight and Sound, Thoughts and Feelings, Human and Higher powers.

Thank You for the Brilliant Red Light that helps me Choose what is best for my HEAD and HEART

Thank You for the Fiery Orange Light that helps me Choose what is best for my PRESENT and PAST

Thank You for the Golden Yellow Light that helps me Choose what is best for my LOGIC and EMOTIONS

Thank you for the Forest Green Light that helps me Choose what is best for my SELF and OTHERS

Thank You for the Sky Blue Light that helps me Choose what is best for my REALITY and DREAMS

Thank You for the Ocean Indigo Light that helps me Choose what is best for my SERVICE and PROSPERITY

Thank You for the Royal Purple Light that helps me Choose what is best for my PURPOSE and PEACE

Thank You for the Light of LORD—GOD—SPIRIT that helps me See what is best for my LEFT and RIGHT brain

Thank You for the Light of JESUS—MARY—GRACE that helps me See what is best for my INNER and OUTER self

Thank You for the Light of LIGHT—LOVE—ONE that helps me See what is best for my HUMAN and HIGHER powers”

Robert C. Felix is the author of Partners Within and is dedicated to spreading the vision of prayer and meditation being easy! http://www.partnerswithin.com

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