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When Least Deserved
by Wesley English

I was frightened. I had been walking far away from God and I knew it. He had every right to punish me, to make my life horrible to leave me a bitter, depressed man. At every turn I expected tragedy to fall upon me, but as time wore on nothing happened.

At the peak of my fear, my life suddenly got better.

I got accepted to the college I most wanted to attend. I started dating a wonderful godly girl. My dad found a medicine that took away most of the pain from his disease. I won an award in writing. My best friend and I reconciled.

All this happened within a couple weeks during which time the fear remained. Finally, I broke down and dropped to my knees before God. I had expected Him to hurt me for my unfaithfulness, but instead God showed me kindness and mercy. Facing such love, I could no longer hide from God; I had to worship Him for his great character.

I cried out to God and repented of my walking away from Him.

Since then I have grown in my faith and I am no longer surprised God brought me back to Him by showing me kindness. Iím in awe that He would when I deserve to be struck down, but not surprised. Iíve learned it is Godís nature to love us while weíre far away Ė after all, Jesus died for us while we were still sinners.

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Giving Back to Spirit
How often do you find yourself worrying or obsessing about a problem only to be reminded to give it back to Spirit/God. It's not difficult when we get caught up in everyday life, to take back what we have given to our Higher Power.

Wesley English is a freelance writer with his most recent articles published by College Bound Magazine and The Lookout. He also owns Roots Designer Journals, a unique company featuring limited-edition journals carefully handcrafted to bring personality and flair to the art of writing. Visit Roots Designer Journals at http://www.wesleyenglish.com/roots.html

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