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You Can Light Up a Room 
By Arleen M. Kaptur

The Holiday Season - when everyone "believes" in Santa Claus and there is joy and happiness in the air. However, you may say, the world does not just change overnight and become this wonderful, magical place because of the Christmas Season.

No, of course not, but there is a vitality in everyone's step, a few more smiles, and get-togethers, and you can even tolerate those family parties, where everyone tries to keep the peace and enjoy themselves.

The change, or rather the transformation, from the mundane to the exciting is in your heart and in your spirit. If you are not singing a Christmas Carol in your heart, then even the glistening snow and the bell-ringers on the corner will not bring a smile to your face. There is a saying that each person is responsible for their own happiness and that should include Christmas Cheer. If you go to a party with a "just another get together that I won't enjoy but I have to go to" then that is exactly what it will become. If Uncle Louie gives you that great big bear hug that you hated as a child and you sneer through clenched teeth, "Hi, Uncle Louie" then the party will be spoiled - for you - not Uncle Louie who will bear-hug everyone like he always does. 

Bottom line - enjoy the Season even if you have to "pretend" at first - but then something magical will happen. You will not be pretending any more and the true Christmas Spirit will warm your soul and the radiance will warm all those around you. It is up to you - so why not enjoy the Season and laugh and smile a little bit more, shake hands like you really mean it, and be the Christmas Star to a fellow relative, neighbor, or even stranger who just needed a "nudge" to get into the mood and enjoy the Holidays. A warm glow will permeate your holiday activities and you will see that spark in your eyes, and a spring in your step. 

Much nicer for you and everyone around you. ENJOY!

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©Arleen M. Kaptur 2003 December 

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