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Master Bed Room: Creating a Romantic Getaway
Adding Quality and Style to Your Bedroom

(ARA) - Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping anymore. With larger master suites being built in today’s homes, bedrooms have evolved into comfortable getaways for people to relax and unwind from their hectic schedules. The extra square footage leaves room for many decorating possibilities in this personal retreat. This season’s eclectic blend of sleek, contemporary styles and opulent, classic details are combined to create the perfect romantic escape.

“The current trend in bedroom furnishings is leaning away from the standard set of a bed, two nightstands and a few dressers all of the same style and collection, towards a more romanced and eclectic combination of pieces to create a personal refuge or escape,” said Greg Mononen, product developer for Arhaus Furniture, a 20-store lifestyle furniture retailer. “People are adding romantic elements to their bedrooms in their furniture, wall colors, fabrics and accessories,” he added.

European-Style Romance

Furniture can be the first building block in creating an amorous atmosphere within a room setting. Mononen notes he is seeing many romantic European influences from Italy, France and the British Isles. For instance, the woods used in today’s furniture are richer and deeper, like cherry and walnut with java, cocoa or sienna stains.

“We’re also seeing a European trend of mixing and matching stained wood with painted wood or iron. This idea of blending eclectic items is beginning to carry over into the United States,” said Mononen. For instance, combine an iron bed like the Arhaus Lily bed with a pair of hand-painted nightstands for a European-inspired look. Complete the look by incorporating a stained or distressed dresser, a lingerie chest or a beautifully hand-painted armoire like the Gainesburough by Arhaus.

“We definitely encourage those bedroom shoppers that want to move away from the bedroom ‘set.’ This trend gives home furnishings the feeling of being collected or acquired over many years,” said Mononen.

When mixing these different furniture pieces, it is important to keep one element a constant throughout the room. This could be a similar style, color or scale. By doing so, you will be able to pull it all together much more easily by adding a few finishing touches and accessories.


Eight Steps to a Perfect Bedroom 

Determine what your focal point will be in the room. Decide which wall to place the bed on first and then arrange the other pieces. Angle the bed in a corner for an unexpected look.

Place a nightstand and lamp on both sides of the bed. This adds balance to the layout and provides a place to set a glass of water, books or an alarm clock. Set a bench or trunk at the foot of the bed. It can provide storage for blankets or sweaters as well as an area to sit while getting dressed.

Create a soft seating area. Place upholstered chairs or a chaise lounge in the bedroom to provide a more inviting and personal feeling in the room.

Always have a mirror in the room. Try a mirror over the dresser or a full-length mirror or cheval, for an elegant focal point.

Select an armoire to store the television and audio equipment as well as providing extra storage.

Find a unique accent piece such as an unusual dresser to add interest in the room -- find a piece that has an interesting finish, color, material, or size.

Buy the best heirloom-quality furniture your budget will allow. Details to look for include:

  • Dovetail joints: provide lasting strength and reinforcement.

  • Metal on metal drawer glides: the ideal hardware for durability and ease.

  • Finished (sanded and stained) drawers: protect clothing from unfinished wood.

  • Cedar-lined drawers: a special feature for preserving fine clothing.

  • Solid brass hardware: a finishing touch that will last a lifetime.

Accessories that Set the Stage

Luxurious pillows, throws, duvets and other accessories can help create an atmosphere of romance. “Opulence is key in developing a romantic theme,” says Mononen. He suggests combining high thread count sheets with richly textured fabrics like silks, tapestries, linens and velvets for bedding. Fresh flowers, candles, chandeliers, and beaded lamps or pillows can also add extravagance.

“For a truly romantic look, try using a chandelier over the bed or over each nightstand for an elegant and unique lighting option,” says Mononen.

When choosing fabrics, paint and accessories, Mononen recommends using shades of color that depict your personal style. “Think about colors that look good on you or colors of clothing you typically have in your closet. If you choose colors you typically like to wear in clothing, you’ll probably also enjoy incorporating that color palette into your bedroom décor,” he adds.

Trend: Bedrooms Become Grand

“With larger master suites being built in new homes, we’re getting more requests for additional furniture pieces in our bedroom collections,” says Mononen. People are looking for pieces that are both stylish and functional because they are spending more time in their bedrooms.

“Armoires for televisions, wardrobes, trunks and seven- or nine-drawer dressers are very popular choices because they take up more space in larger rooms and provide a lot of storage,” he said. Even nightstands are larger, providing more storage space with drawers and shelves.

Another new trend in bedroom furniture is higher headboards and lower footboards on platform beds. These updated proportions work in today’s larger bedrooms and allow for easy late night television watching. For example, the Barrington bedroom collection by Arhaus features a platform bed with a stately headboard and footboard paneled with antiqued cherry and walnut.

For more information about Arhaus’ home furnishing collections visit www.arhaus.com.

Courtesy of ARA Content

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