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Christmas Gift
By Paul Ciniraj Mohamed

A Letter from Jesus Christ as We Prepare for His Birthday


Jesus Christ
By the right of the Father

Dear sweet children of my blood of blood and spirit of spirit:

I am glad you are in the spirit of Christmas, celebrating my birthday.

Sure, My blessings are upon you

when you reflect loved ones 
with greetings and presents both far and near.

But, don't forget

to pray for the broken hearted - 
to give to the poor; 
to feed the hungry that come to your door.

When you look at that beggar

he may be an angel in disguise.

The best Christmas gift that you could ever give 
is yourself for the gift of My life to you. 
I came as a baby and left as a man.
If you just take Me in to the manger of your heart 
so I can rest there and cleanse all your sin. 
Give Me the present this Christmas Day,
Invite Me into your heart on My birthday 
and ask Me to stay.

Come all of you who hunger and thirst 
after righteousness and follow Me.... 
I will forgive you......
I gave My life for you. 
What more could I give? 
My life for your sins so that eternally you can live.

I gave My life because I couldn't bare to live without you. 
Come, Come let Me love you today. 
Cry out; I will hear you and kiss your tears away.

I make you a promise. 
If you will believe in Me and ask Me into your heart 
I will come in and set you FREE. 
I will be there always for you 
and will not leave you nor forsake you. 
For I am forgiving and loving and kind 
accept My invitation of love
My pure love divine.

Ever lovingly 
(your heart and your trust)


Ciniraj Mohamed is a missionary in India and may be contacted at: ciniraj@sancharnet.in

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