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Spiritual Underpinnings Of Sept 11th, A Letter to the President
By Norbert C. Belanger, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.)

September 27, 2001

A Letter To The President Of The United States

Dear Mr. President,

As a retired officer of the United States Air Force, one who flew 350 combat missions in Vietnam, I believe I have a kinship with you, one of understanding the dangers you face as you consider the next step in dealing with what is perhaps our nation's most foreboding moment. I also understand very well that no presentation can be put forth to one's commander without recommending a successful course upon which to act. I wish to extend my deepest certainty that what I am about to report to you is Truth, that what I recommend comes with the support from which to draw the courage and strength to act from your soul's deepest and certain knowing.

Allow me first to commend you on your careful and deliberate use of time in considering a resolution to the crisis. This "pause" has demonstrated a soundness and wisdom that reflects a deep, even profound understanding of what is at stake. I commend you for accommodating a respite that has allowed the spiritual strength of our nation, the voice of Love among our land, to rise from the ashes of ground zero. 

I commend you and I thank you for giving us the space to accommodate the voice of reason, compassion, patience and tolerance to surface and to grow even louder. You may not have consciously set out to do this, yet you cooperated with it. You are part of it. It has brought us together. It is a call to love, where you have acted as the instrument. 

This pause also allows us the time to process the "dark night of our soul," the soul of our nation. You are giving us the opportunity to pass through this crisis, to come out of it stronger, to garner a clearer, more graceful path into the world we make on the other side of this tragedy.
How we, and I mean here the entire population of the world, fare in this "processing" depends a great deal on a leadership that understands and acknowledges the spiritual aspects of our most pressing concern.

This is perhaps the appropriate time to continue the pause and to reflect on the spiritual underpinnings of the tragic events of September 11th, for it is from that place where clarity will come to guide us on a path not only out of danger, but rather into an era of unprecedented World Peace. 

I would make a deliberate distinction that the term "spiritual" is not related, in my context, to "spiritualism" or even to "religion." Rather, it represents the higher level of experience, the understanding of the Universal Truths at work in all things, and our relationship with Divine Perspective.

I would maintain that the Divine Perspective asks that each of us looks into our own hearts to see how these events apply to each of us, as well as to what they are teaching us. What growth, change or transformation in our lives and in our consciousness is being elicited?

Louix Dor Dempriey in "A Letter from the Maitreya to the World," states unequivocally that it is to help us move into a consciousness of greater love. The attention of the entire planet has been focused on this event, on the horrific deaths of over 6,000 of our brothers and sisters. Where else could this group of mighty souls have commanded the attention of every soul on earth? These brave souls gave their lives, their most precious possession, as their LOUD PLEA for all human beings to come together in love

To retaliate or even harbor any non-loving feelings toward any person or group means that all these thousands would not have achieved the purpose for which they gave their lives in the first place. What a waste and terrible tragedy THAT would be. A military response, particularly an attack on Afghanistan, is exactly what terrorists want. It would play into their hands, strengthen and swell their fanatical ranks, and lead to a confrontation of Apocalyptic proportions.

The one wielding the biggest heart wins, not the one wielding the biggest stick. Weapons cannot raise a body from the dead. Weapons cannot make rain fall from the sky. Weapons cannot cure a person of cancer. Weapons cannot part the Red Sea. Yet, faith in the power of God's love can do all these things and more. And here we have a collective group of souls who chose to send this message home as their departing gift to this world: Put down your weapons and stop fighting.

Does this mean the terrorist's actions were loving? Of course not. However, we must challenge an old and perhaps outdated belief pertaining to accountability. Is it really the responsibility of the United States to hold these terrorists accountable for their choices and actions? I dare to exclaim, NO, not in the light of a clearer, higher understanding. Their responsibility, as is ours, is simply to love one another unconditionally.

All those responsible are, in fact, holding themselves accountable. The laws of cause and effect take care of themselves (as do all universal laws) perfectly, and in God's perfect time and place, not man's. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Louix Dor Dempriey stated it very distinctly when he said "Is it really any wonder, then, that the country that finances and provides weapons for more wars, uprisings, and revolts than does any country in the world would draw, through the very same Law of Karma, this attack unto itself?

How can we blame or judge the perpetrators of these bombings when they, too, are but pawns in the intricate play of humanity's collective consciousness on Earth? The fact is you and I, and each person reading this letter, are the souls hungry for truth and assistance, ready to gain insight into the very fabric of our existence. We all now have the opportunity to choose love and to make a monumental difference in this world, to change the course of events by changing, with the help of God, our minds. We have the opportunity to draw the line now. We can choose to say "NO" to the fight against violence with more violence. The time is right for this approach.

The time is right for a complete reversal from warfare as a response to violence.

The universe is always in perfect balance. This is demonstrated in the adage that 'for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.' Thus, as more people awaken and surrender to God's love, so does the 'opposition' or resistance to that Love, likewise, increase. "Humanity's return to God happens through suffering for all those who relate to God through fear, rather than faith."

"The soul uses the least means necessary to achieve God's desired goal."
What this universal truth is saying is that this horrific display of events was the least means necessary to get our attention and return it to forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, and to unconditional love.

There is a tragedy far greater than what the whole world witnessed on September 11, 2001, and that is the shocking possibility that very few heard this message, God's message, and that we would choose not to move into a consciousness of greater love as a result of all that happened. Will you be one to lead us out of THAT tragedy? Will you heed the Word of God, avoid all temptation to judge, rise into a greater love for all our fellow man, and glorify all the lives that were given up for each one of us?

Mr. President, lead us that we may all look into our hearts. Did these brave souls give up their very lives, their greatest dream and joy, in an act so heroic, so noble, so selfless, to incite war and kill God's Creation? No. They gave their lives to call humanity's attention back unto itself, back unto love.

As the world waits in fearful anticipation, their voice and their message is growing louder and louder with every passing day.

We, and I speak for all God's children, choose to show you our support by not leaving you stranded with the most difficult decision of your life, that of unwittingly initiating a potential Third World War. It is time to empower ourselves and you, sir, by remembering that the fullness of God runs through our veins. And it is your faith, your courage, and your perseverance, with our urging and support in Love's name, that will turn the tides of this world and restore everlasting peace on Earth. Let the mighty souls who recently gave their lives be the catalyst. Let them be our inspiration.

To paraphrase Louix Dor Dempriey, should we miss this golden opportunity, however, another invitation will surely come -- one larger, stronger, more cataclysmic in nature -- to move the world into love, to make choices based on that love, to draw strength from the power of that love, and to stand in the face of all adversity through courage and perseverance within that love.

Another powerful message has been sown into the collective consciousness by way of these events. A seed of confusion and uncertainty has been placed in the minds of most. We are like mice scrambling to find their way out of a maze of confusion. We are struggling to create so great a security web that it might offer its people a life free from fear of invasion, terrorism, assault and attack. It is time again to challenge this age old belief that we can turn to our own devices to achieve what we are looking for. The fact is that there is no system on earth wise enough or strong enough to give us this protection. And this is the very message that this event was meant to parlay into your minds and hearts. There is only one way, one place where that level of safety can be found and that is in the power of protection derived from Faith, from which we find our safety and our safe harbor.

Here is the opportunity for America to be leader to the world in demonstrating that the world is ready to dwell in the fullness of that Divine companionship. This is the path that can enable us to walk free from the armor of weaponry and man-made security, free from locks, devices, and electronic systems, protected only and completely by the power of God's omnipresent love. The day will come when nations will demonstrate this truth. America, under your leadership, President Bush, can be the first, and now. What a legacy to establish for yourself. What a glorious way to permanently engrave your name in history.

The United States of America is not the most powerful country in the world because of its money, weaponry, and military fortitude. It is the most powerful country in the world because God has placed that power within this land, to shine the Light of Freedom brightly upon the world. God had to grant that power to our land and our people before it could be used, for all originates from the Creator. Sir, you are being asked to exercise this Gift now, to draw from the wellspring of that Power and Might and to use it in Love's name, instead of in Fear's name. In doing so, you will find your every step filled with Grace, your every decision free of uncertainty, your every act a victory, your very leadership emulated.

Only a handful of men have had the opportunity and power to change the course of recorded history. Mr. President, you are now one of these few. As daunting as this may seem, you are not alone in support of the choice for Peace. These extraordinary times provide you with the opportunity to exercise what would seem a totally radical choice, one never before exercised by a political figure. It calls for extraordinary courage and certainty. 

Know that you can draw the courage from the Creator. He will lend you His certainty.

You have at your disposal all the resources to lead the world into an era of unprecedented world peace and harmony or into an abysmal spiral of darkness.

I am calling upon all peace loving beings to lend you their certainty as you contemplate your choice.

In my opening paragraph, I promised to provide a viable and successful recommended course of action. What is called for now is to react with completely unexpected and unprovoked acts of kindness and mercy upon Afghanistan. It entails turning our war machine into a MERCY MACHINE.

You have a perfect opening to accomplish this now, to avert unspeakable disaster as hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees, at the point of near starvation, are marching toward closed borders, with their winter fast approaching.

1. Accelerate and intensify the use of our considerable resources to rain upon these refugees shelter, food, water, warm clothing, and medical supplies.

2. Initiate negotiations with Afghanistan's bordering countries to open their borders to these refugees and provide these countries with the necessary assistance and resources to establish transitional camps capable of humane and compassionate treatment to those in need.

3. Lead an initiative for the International Red Cross to go into these areas to lend their expertise and assistance and call upon all nations to supplement the Red Cross with the added resources they will need, including medical teams.

4. Offer to position defensive elements of our armed forces to protect and shield the refugees from harassment and surprise attacks from terrorist groups.

5. Elicit the introduction of volunteers from willing participants from groups and nations, ethnically sympathetic and oriented to the refugees, to provide them with education and religious comfort and support. Because this would necessitate the involvement of peoples with Islamic traditions, it would speak loudly to the world that we stand for freedom of choice and religion, without interference or expectations to further the cause of "democracy."

6. Approach steps to track down financial dealings of terrorists with extreme sensitivity to the privacy and legitimacy of the dealings of innocent Americans. A "carte blanche" given to investigative and law enforcement agencies will result in skirting the freedoms provided Americans in the US Constitution and is nothing more than lazy policing. Sir, please be mindful of Benjamin Franklin's words: "Those who are willing to sacrifice essential liberties for a little order, will lose both and deserve neither."

These unexpected actions will shock the world with surprise and relief. It will elicit an instinctually humane reaction worldwide. Everyone in Afghanistan and elsewhere will rally to our cause. It is not unreasonable to suggest that the tide will turn and the terrorists will find no quarter.
Justice will come to them quickly and unexpectedly, perhaps even without our intervention, without our risking the lives of our own troops, nor those of innocent bystanders.

In closing I would simply remind you that your mark in history depends on timely action in mercy's name. It will most certainly open an era of unprecedented peace. In turn your name will most assuredly be emblazoned as a star in the universe.

God bless you, our nation and all God's children.

Yours in faith and service,

Norbert C. Belanger
Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.)

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