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What are People Saying?
Opinions from Around the World on The Terrorism in the USA

A tremendous blow was dealt to us as a nation by cowards who would hide behind innocents. Words cannot adequately express my pain, grief, anger and sorrow.

But I am an American. To every person born and raised in this great democratic republic of ours, those four words convey more power, more authority, more pride-filled emotion than these terrorists could possibly realize. Where they sought to destroy, they have only succeeded in reaffirming our individual strengths.

September 11, 2001, will forever be burned in my memory, indeed the collective consciousness now holds its images in our hearts as well as our minds.

Over the next several days, weeks and even years, America will be going through its healing process. To that end, I shall go to the nearest Red Cross and donate the life-giving blood that is so desperately needed in our devastated cities. I can only appeal to your sense of patriotism and civic duty to do the same. If giving blood is not an option, please give whatever you can - food, blankets, water - to your nearest Red Cross, police station, sheriffs office or fire department. Don't let these events diminish us, but rather let the next few days prove how strong we are.

David A. Kwiatkowski
Cleveland, Ohio

As the death toll mounts, America's anger must be translated into a plan for victory.

As rescue workers sift through the rubble that once was the World Trade Center's twin towers and a wing of the Pentagon, so too are Americans sifting through the emotions that have engulfed them since the treachery of Tuesday's attack. Numbness and fear are giving way to anger and determination. Both, properly manifested, will be useful in the weeks and months to come.

Anger is a natural response to such barbarity. We have a primal desire to strike back at those who so coldly turned our airliners into weapons of mass slaughter. But there's a great danger that anger uncontrolled becomes anger misdirected, and that, in turn, becomes a threat to the innocent.

Editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer September 13, 2001

Tuesday, war was declared on the United States. The madmen who commandeered four civilian jetliners as their weapons of war do not characterize any part of humanity. But at a moment when Americans are justifiably outraged that such acts of inhumanity could take place in our midst, we must hold on to important principles that have bound us together through national tragedies in our history.

We should avoid haste in our desire for justice. Our military power may be overwhelming, but we should be absolutely certain that when we retaliate, we are doing so against the entire group that organized these acts, not sacrificial lambs acting on the fringes.

We must zealously maintain our racial and religious tolerance, avoiding blame of Islam or its followers living in the United States as the guilty parties.

We should realize that to preserve our own freedom, we must act responsibly abroad in helping others to win theirs.

R. James Woolsey and Mansoor Ijaz
Washington, DC

Once again terrorists attempted to disrupt our society. In addition to the obvious horror are the disturbing reports of hate messages being directed toward certain groups because of what they might have in common with our terrorist enemies. If we exercise prejudice against people because of their religious, ethnic or national back- ground, we are handing our enemy a victory. Display of such hatred means the terrorists succeeded in their efforts to divide our country. We should display our flag and remember that, among other things, it stands for fairness. It takes strength to control anger. We need to show the world our strength. We are strong enough to find and punish the guilty without stooping to their level of madness.

Robert M. Brown 
Elyria, Ohio

'We have to reflect on why we, as Arabs and Muslims, have sunk so low as to glorify violence and destruction. There's no way for me, as a human being, to accept violence. By celebrating an attack on America, we are violating our own cultural edicts."

Ahmed Bishara, Head of National Democratic Movement, Kuwait

We hope that there is no other day like this in our lifetime. Regardless of the country of origin, we are all God's children, and the lives of some of our brothers and sisters taken away by ruthless terrorists. The agony and feelings are beyond expression. Please pray that God give peace and strength to all those who are affected by this inhuman act of terrorism.

Indian Orthodox Internet Forum


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