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Seicho-no-Ie - Sin and Repentance

Sin disappears with repentance.
Does not darkness vanish simultaneously with exposure to light?
Those who do not repent, retain their sins.
Is it not true that unexposed darkness remains darkness?
Confession may be made in secret, or you may write a letter to a leader of the teachings. However, there is nothing to be gained by disclosing your sin in darkness or before people who will only ridicule you.
What is the use of exposing darkness to darkness?
When once man sincerely repents, from that very instant his original perfection as a child of God becomes manifested as if his whole being were cleansed and purified.
After sincerely repenting, you feel at peace within yourself because you are truly My children and I am one with all of you.
Divine Spirit flows abundantly through you, and your spirit will grow and finally attain Infinite Life.

Source: Seicho-no-Ie. Holy Sutra for Spiritual Healing 

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