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Prayer for Life and for Mental Clarity
By Greta Morrison

Dear God, my beloved presence, I know you only in light and love.

Peace be still, my lord, you sing to me to let me know it is you. Conflicts will not stay when you fill me with your presence. 

You are in every rock, in every tree, in every place about the Earth, sky, moon and stars. Galaxies are your creations for you.

Move into my life father, let me have right relationship with you.

I thank you for every experience you have given me and I turn that which I've noticed that is in conflict over to you.

You are within all things, I hear each thing praise you constantly in goodness.

Father, It is my wish that every man every woman and every child feel the goodness of all this right and good, for that is you.

Abolish the negativity, Lord. Send it away from our worlds, send it away from our worlds, send it away from our lives and let forgiveness reign within our true selves. Holy is your spirit as it forms the very Earth that we walk on. Holy is your life as it breaths its being within every creature and creation. Holy is your words, for we are your words.

Send the evil and demonic influences that seek to delusion us and make us fight with one another. Sent the tricksters away that would take our spiritual fruits, purity and honesty of being your spiritual lineage. Send the devourers away that would take our world and leave only evil. Send our hearts angels to abide with us, to show us clarity and adjust our eyesight back to you father. 

Give us life again. I pray, father, give us life.

Greta Morrison, a writer, wrote this prayer in a personal moment of healing. This prayer is dedicated for all of God's worlds that He has created, the ones within us, as well as the ones we live in.

Greta is currently writing a prayer book, "Jubilee's Prayers: Prayers for all of God's Worlds." This prayer is included in that book.

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