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Words And Music
Sikh Prayer by Guru Nanak (1469-1538, Founder of Sikh religion, India)

Countless are your names, countless your dwelling-places; 
The breadth of your kingdom is beyond our imagination. 
Even to try and imagine your kingdom is foolish.

Yet through words and through music 
We speak your name and sing your praise. 
Words are the only tools we have to proclaim your greatness, 
And music our only means of echoing your virtue.

You put words in our hearts and minds. 
With words we can describe the glory of your creation, 
And so our words can reflect your glory. 
You put music in our hearts and minds. 
With music we can echo the beauty of heaven, 
And so our music can express our deepest wish.

How can someone as insignificant as me 
Express the vastness and wonder of your creation? 
How can someone as sinful as me 
Dare to hope for a place in heaven?

My only answer lies in the words and the music
Which you yourself have given me.

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