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2. Do chewable Vitamin C tablets corrode your teeth?

A number of studies have shown that the acidity level of chewable ascorbic acid tablets can irreversibly damage the pearly-white enamel on our teeth. The corrosive acid gradually eats away at enamel and even fillings, causing calcium loss in teeth.

To avoid this problem, take a chewable vitamin C tablet that binds ascorbic acid to calcium. This is known as calcium ascorbate, and unlike pure ascorbic acid, it is non-acidic. Vitamin C tablets made of calcium ascorbate are also gentler on the stomach, as they do not promote stomach acidity. Moreover, they provide a sound source of calcium.

One thing to watch out for is the sugar content of the Vitamin C tablets. Many of these tablets come with sweetened with sugar that can cause problems especially for people with diabetic condition. Sugar also promotes cavities. Select a product that is sweetened with pure fruit juices or fructose.

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