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27. What is CSA?

CSA stands for the nutrient chondroitin sulphate A. Research has revealed that substantial levels of CSA occur naturally in the aorta-the largest blood vessel that leads to the heart. CSA is responsible for the health of the circulatory system because the viscosity, permeability, ion exchange, and other processes that occur within the cells and intercellular matrix of the arterial walls depend on CSA levels. Unfortunately, as we age, natural CSA levels diminish. When the CSA levels are reduced, the bloodstream and the aorta become vulnerable to attack, mostly by cholesterol-containing plaque deposits.

In a Japanese medical study, CSA was used to treat high levels of blood fats. Results showed that CSA was responsible for clearing cholesterol from human aorta.

CSA is also an anticoagulant. Research has shown conclusively that CSA can dissolve clots just as well as widely used drugs like heparin and dicumoral but without any of their dangerous side effects.

CSA is also anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, and antistress. Clinical observation has found that CSA is successful in treating and preventing osteoporosis and in accelerating the healing of bone fractures. So successful are treatments with CSA that rheumatologist physicians are using topical applications Of CSA for inflammatory connective tissue diseases. After 20 years of medical use, there are no confirmed reports Of CSA toxicity. in addition, more than 20,000 patients in Japan are treated every day with CSA (on the average, 10 grams daily for a 6-year period), without any evidence of toxic effects.

However, as with all natural remedies, the way CSA is manufactured is of the utmost importance. csA products must contain 100 percent csA extracted from calf trachea. Moreover, these extracts must be purified, for allergies often result from contaminated extracts or from extracts containing residues. Desiccated (dehydrated) extracts are not the same and should be avoided. Likewise, beware Of CSA products made from dehydrated seaweed or Irish moss, which contain only traces Of CSA. An additional proof of purity when buying a CSA product is the analysis or the guarantee of I 00 percent purified bovine C SA extract from an independent laboratory (a laboratory other than that of the manufacturer).

You may see glandulars marketed as CSA, but they are not the same substance. Glandulars are polypeptides and nucleopeptides, whereas CSA is a mucopolysaccharide, a complex protein. Moreover, glandulars are extremely unstable in the digestive tract. CSA has been tested for digestive stability and found to be extremely stable, remaining unchanged in the urine.

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