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4. Why do we lose weight when we are ill? Is there anything we can do about it?

You lose weight when you are ill because amino acid deficiency causes muscles to waste. Under stress, pain, anxiety, infection, and viruses, amino acids within the body are converted by the liver to glucose, a blood sugar. This makes you lose nitrogen from muscle protein because amino acids are being taken from tissues. The amino acid deficiencies become a vicious circle as they steadily deplete the fundamental elements of the body, reducing your resistance and greatly taxing the immune system. In this sense, you can literally waste away.

One way to minimize this effect is by supplementing with amino acids. Take a complete amino acid supplement, one that contains all of the amino acids, or a food substance that contains amino acids, like yeast or chlorella. Make sure to choose pancreatic digests of protein if you take amino acid complexes, and if you are taking yeast, a plasmolyzed yeast solution.

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