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4. Don't Load on Foods Because They Are "Fat Free"

Fat-free foods does not mean calorie free. Many people make the mistake of loading on the "fat free foods" and then find that they gained weight. Remember, 
3,500 excess calories equals one pound of extra weight. This is enough to convince them that the dieting does not work and go back to previous unhealthy living style. 

You can eat traditional favorites and at the same time shed calories from your diet and trim fat from your body by making small changes. Holly McCord, R.D., nutrition editor for Prevention magazine in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, calculated how much you can save in calories by making a few easy switches. For example, you can avoid 1,745 calories (enough to lose half a pound) with the following simple tips. 

Instead of having a strawberry milkshake made with ice cream and whole milk, blend four frozen strawberries, one cup skim milk and two packets artificial sweetener. Turn the blender on high for about two minutes, until the strawberries are completely blended. Savings: 180 calories. 

Instead of cooking one regular hot dog, treat yourself to a low-fat frank. Savings: 100 calories. 

Instead of one slice of pound cake, enjoy a slice of fat-free loaf cake. Savings: 90 calories. 

Instead of spreading half a bagel with regular cream cheese, use fat-free cream cheese. Savings: 75 calories. 

Instead of preparing a helping of tuna salad with a quarter-cup regular mayonnaise, make tuna salad with a quarter-cup nonfat mayonnaise. Savings: 360 calories. 

Instead of a salad with four tablespoons regular French dressing, use four tablespoons fat-free French dressing. Savings: 280 calories. 

Instead of a ham sandwich made with two slices of regular American cheese, use two slices of fat-free American cheese. Savings: 80 calories. 

Instead of ordering a quarter-pound burger, order a regular hamburger with ketchup, mustard and a pickle. Savings: 150 calories. 

Instead of having one cup of premium chocolate ice cream, eat nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt. Savings: 380 calories. 

Instead of a three-ounce chicken-breast half with skin, shed the skin and with it most of the fat. Savings: 50 calories. 

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