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Losing That Extra Weight
Strategies for Successful Slimming

5. Make Simple Changes in Your Cooking or Recipes

  • Whenever possible, replace butter with unsaturated oils such as olive, canola and soy oil. 
  • Use nonfat or low-fat milk instead of whole milk, and choose reduced-fat cheeses. 
  • Limit margarine and butter, which contains fats that can raise cholesterol and have been associated with cardiovascular disease risk. 
  • Substitute lean cuts of meat for fatty ones. Remove skins, which are fatty. 
  • Bake, broil or steam rather than fry. Sauté with a dash of oil, wine or tomato puree. 
  • Cut back on egg yolks, which are high in fat and cholesterol. 
  • Start with less fat, sugar and salt than called for, then adjust for taste. 
  • Season with herbs, spices, lemon juice or minced tangy vegetables --onion, garlic, parsnip, parsley -- instead of salt and butter. 
  • Forgo cream-based soups, sauces and gravies, or make them with skim milk. Choose vegetable-based soups and sauces. 
  • For baked goods such as cakes and cookies, substitute applesauce or other fruit purees for butter or oil; this maintains fluffiness. Cut back on sugar by one-half or more. 
  • Make pie crusts with unsaturated oils instead of butter or solid fats. Top desserts with fat-free frozen yogurt or whipped evaporated skim milk. 
  • Base appetizers on fresh or roasted vegetables, fruits, lean meats, breads and reduced-fat cheeses. 
  • Serve seasoned rice or grains instead of bread stuffing. 
  • Bake sweet potatoes in their skins. Season mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and herbs. 

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