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Meditation Posture

Half Lotus Posture

Benefits :

  • Relaxes the entire nervous system,
  • Lessens the tension and stiffness in the ankles, knees and thighs and
  • Provides a comfortable sitting position for resting the mind for meditation.

Half Lotus sitting position had been used for meditation from time immemorial.

How To Do It?

  1. In a sitting position, stretch your legs straight out before you.
  2. Bend your left leg at the knee and bring it toward you so that you can take hold of your left foot with both hands.
  3. Place your left foot so that the sole rests against the inside of the right thigh. The heel of your left foot should be drawn in as far as possible.
  4. Bend your right leg at the knee so that you can take hold of your right foot with both hands.
  5. Place your right foot in the fold of your left leg. Drop the right knee as far as possible toward the floor. Rest your hands on your knees. Sit in this position as long as needed.
  6. When your legs grow tired, stretch them straight out before you and gently massage your knees. Then repeat the position by reversing the legs so that the right leg is drawn in first and the left leg is on top.

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