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Alawashka Meditation and Chant:
Connecting the Heart Bridge Home

by Lumari

Quelling the Tsunami's wake: Meditation and Chant

We send blessings and energies from the deepest heavens to you at this time.

The dramatic events that have transpired are shaking the hearts of humanity and the womb of this dear earth. The tsunami that occurred in the Indonesian area has opened a great chasm in the earth. It has sped up time and wobbled the planet in her axis. It has also taken the lives of many thousands of people and altered the lives of hundreds of thousands more. There is great pain and sorrow. There is great longing and loss. There is also the searching for those whose fate is yet to be discovered. To say that blessings and healing are being sent, seems to be a distant echo in the upheaval, shock and sadness. Yes indeed there is spiritual significance to all of this, but it is not the time to bring forward teachings in the midst of the chaos and deep sadness of this event. You are showered with blessing at this time, and as you can, please dip into these blessings and vibrations to help with this event.

These ALAWASHKA energies, chants and meditations are being sent from the Heart of the Goddess.

There are two very important things that you can do at this time to help in this global circumstance.

1. Help those who have passed the earthly realm and are still caught in the vortex of shock, to move into the light and feel the cradle of Divine energies nurturing them. Often times, in catastrophic events, the shock of the incident separates a person from their clear path “home.”

2. Hold the space for those who are lost, those who are confused, hurt and out of touch with their loved ones to connect with them. The chant and meditation, "Connecting the Heart Bridge Home" included in this email will help those who have passed to reconnect with their spiritual journey. It will also help those who are hidden, lost or confused to connect with their families and to receive the help that they need. Please participate in this meditation and share it with as many people as possible.

The meditation and chant described here will help all of those ready to pass into the higher realms of light to move to their own next level of consciousness. It will also help guide those people who have not found help, who have not contacted their loved ones or who are in states of confusion, to find their way back to their hearts, health and homes. Finally, it can help those who are searching for their loved ones to connect with them and reach out to them, whether they are in body or in spirit. By participating in this meditation, you are becoming a "Heart Bridge" to those across the globe who can open to these energies. This is a profound expression and calling.

In this Alawashka practice, you will become the "Heart Bridge" for these energies to embrace those who have passed on and those who are still here to make the connections they need. The energies and frequencies in this meditation and chant create a special bridge – a vibratory passage way that will help guide all of those people who have not yet moved to their appropriate connections, to do so. You will be helping to create and hold this Heart Bridge so that all who are lost, who are in pain, who are confused or who have not yet found their way, will gracefully connect to their pathway. Through this chant and energy, some will find the way to Spirit. Others will find the way to call home to their loved ones. Some will be found in the hospitals and receive the help they need. You will be helping those who are ready and those who are searching for them. You will also be helping those who are doing the healing, the recovery and the clean up, to remain true in their hearts and safe in their being. This chant will do all of that.

Please know that while you may be called to do other work at this time, we ask that you hold this meditation space clear and separate of other practices and other work. In that way, the sacred space that is created for this transition of healing will remain whole. Through this wholeness, those who are entering this Heart Bridge will find the clear space to connect with the Divine, their loved ones and find the help they need. If later you are called to help specific people or processes, simply release the energies of this meditation and chant and move forward. If you are seeking specific loved ones who have been caught in this circumstance, first practice this meditation and chant. Once you have completed the chant, let the chant and go and release your part in holding the bridge. Then, follow this specific energy bridge to find them or to show them the pathways in which they can find you or the help they need.

Familiarize yourself with the words, their pronunciation and meaning before you begin. That will help you follow the flow of energy when you chant the words in Alawashka. Bring yourself to a centered position of clarity. You may do this with your own personal practice, yoga positions or deep breathing. Hold this energy for several moments. When you find the gentle rhythm of the Alawashka chant, you are ready to begin.

Alawashka Meditation: Connecting the Heart Bridge Home
©2004 Lumari. All rights reserved.
Time: 10 minutes to 25 minutes

Take a slow deep breath and center yourself. Move into a deep space of clarity and relaxation.

Hold a gentle focus on these words and this chant. Allow the energy and words to gentle fill you and carry you energetically.

Take another slow, deep breath. Imagine that as you chant these words, you are creating the bridge helping those people who are ready to cross into a deeper connection with their path. Hold this bridge space for them.

(emp’-shah mah’-tee mah-nah’-kah)
We Reconnect to the Heartfelt Embrace of Everlasting Substance

(emp’-shah mah’-tee so)
The Heartfelt Embrace of the Divine Reconnects us to Oneness

(emp’-shah mah’-tee wah-nah’-kah)
We Reconnect to the Heartfelt Embrace of Peace and Beauty

(emp’-shah mah’-tee so)
The Heartfelt Embrace of the Divine Reconnects us to Oneness

As you feel these energies, notice the bridge forming. Gently hold that energy and continue to chant as the many beings who are ready, transverse the bridge into their own healing and process. Allow the energy and words to gentle fill you and hold you. Notice how the vibrations move and allow the process to unfold.

Continue to chant these words in Alawashka for ten to twenty minutes.
When you feel complete, when the time is up, when you feel your attention waver, or you become tired ...

Take a slow deep breath and gently let go of your connection to holding this vibrational bridge.

Take another slow, very deep breath.

Send your personal blessings into the blessing vortex, and gently let go of the energy.

Come back to your personal center and individual alignment.

Your meditation is complete.

You may do this meditation as often as you like for as long as you like.

NOTE: As you continue to hold this Reconnecting Heart Bridge, you may find those who are still confused. Allow them to be. There are many guides and guardians who are called into this meditation with the specific task of guiding in the higher functions. They are present in this transition to help each person and being move into their path. You will help the people and beings feel the guidance and connection they need, by simply showing them the energy and continuing this chant. If you encounter people that you know, or if that person is very insistent, simply call in that person's guide. If you encounter family members of loved ones, ask that their guides be present with you in whatever help, healing or transition your loved one needs to make.

There are two Alawashka Art Prints that can help you continue to hold this heart bridge for this meditation and for the many months of healing that are truly needed.

Empsha Art Print: 
Reconnect with Your Higher Self. Experience the deep peace and knowing of your Spiritual Connection.

EMPSHA Art Print will help you establish and keep a powerful connection to your Higher Self and to Divine Source. It unites you with your inner being and Divine Self. The power and elegance of Lumari's unique Alawashka Art instantly helps you manifest its pure qualities and resonance for your graceful personal transformation.

Reconnect with Your Higher Self. Experience the deep peace and knowing of your Spiritual Connection.

Empsha means Reconnect. It is the realignment with the universal and the capacity to hold that interconnectedness in life. The EMPSHA Alawashka Art Print is a Sacred Geometry Template that generates Relatedness, Connection, Belonging, Presence and Ease. Lumari's Alawashka EMPSHA Art Print will help you establish and keep a powerful connection to your Higher Self and to Divine Source.

Mati Art Print

Experience the Heartfelt Embrace of the Divine. Bask in true relatedness as you are held in the Loving Heart of the All.

MATI Art Print will help you know and live within the resonance of the loving, expanded heart of the Universal. The power and elegance of this Art instantly helps you manifest its pure qualities and resonance for your graceful personal transformation.

Mati means Heartfelt Embrace. It is the true unfolding of universal love. Mati knows the depths of your being and brings the gifts of an abundant heart. The spiritual activation of this image and word grants the clear and honoring perfection of love.

Choose this Art Print to activate, receive and experience the deep and exultant embrace of Divine recognition and love.

Blessings to all. May you be the lighted bridge for healing.

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©2004 Lumari. All rights reserved.

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