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Answers to God's Mysteries
By Mrs. Cicily Sunny, M.A., B.Ed., MSE

[For your convenience, I have broken the book into several chapters. You can follow the book in its entirety by following the "Next Topic Link at the bottom of the page. Or you can read specific topics from here. We thank Cicily Sunny for submitting such an important spiritual information.

Chief Editor, Holisticonline.com]

Christians believe that many of God's mysteries are revealed through the Holy Bible. But many remain unanswered. Cicily Sunny, the author of this important spiritual work, says that the Holy Spirit helps us to unfold mysteries through selected spiritual people such as prophets in old testament times. These mysteries are revealed mostly through visions and dreams. The author believes that some of these mysteries were revealed to Maria Valtorta which became basis of a book "The Poem of the Man-God." This book is five thousand pages long and has been published in five volumes and in different languages. Cicily has studied this book in depth for the past several years and wrote this book that unfolds some of the mysteries of God. It is a small interpretation of certain important aspects, especially things that are not explained in detail in the Bible. It makes a fascinating reading.

Table of Contents


Science and Religion



"Our Father, Who art in Heaven"

Marriage and Divorce

Holy Trinity

Baptism and Communion

Peter and the Catholic Church

Purgatory, Saints, and Martyrs

The Importance of Death and Praying for the Dead

Hell, Purgatory, Paradise and Limbo

How Jesus Tolerates other Religions

Sin, Demon, Diseases, Faith, Miracle and Healing


The meaning of 'Poor in Spirit'


Adam and Eve

No reincarnation of souls

Take Care of Plants and Animals

Penance, Expiation, and God's Forgiveness

Jesus through Prophets

Jesus Cries

Jesus Blesses Bread and wine

Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus

Jesus and Lazarus

Jesus as King of Kings

Meaning of our Sufferings

Advice to sorrowful Wives and Mothers

The Redeeming Value of Jesus' and Mary's Sufferings

Be Kind to Old People and Children

The Need to take care of our Body

The Need to give Testimony

The meaning of 'Jesus came to bring War'

Love towards Parents

Jesus and His Father

Jesus at Gethsemane

The Fig Tree

Jesus with the Mother before the Last Supper



By the same author, related article:

Virgin Mary, Mother of God
In this ground-breaking work, Cicily Sunny presents the results from her life-long search for Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. It contains information, that was not known before or was not widely known. There are detailed visions of the end of the world and the shape of the coming Kingdom. This is a must-read for all the Christians.

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