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The Steps In Divine Healing

Donald Demaray, author of ‘How Are You Praying? A Manual on the Practice of Prayer’ shares these steps to obtain divine gift of healing:

  1. Relax:
  2. The first step to healing is relaxation. The body is "forgotten" in order to permit the mind to center upon God and his great power.

  3. Be Cleansed:
  4. The whole person, including the conscious and subconscious mind, must be purified so that God’s healing power can course through the seeker.

  5. Seek Clarification of God’s Will:
  6. Ask God what precisely is needed for healing to occur. In response, God will make his will clear.

  7. Expect Healing:
  8. This means that you actually believe that God has heard the prayer and will answer it. The posture is active faith; half faith will not do.

  9. Relinquish Yourself:
  10. Hand your life, without reservation, into God’s hands. In this phase of prayer, the seeker’s recaptured health is given over to God for his holy purposes, for his glory, for his kingdom.

  11. Begin Living The Promise:

Extend your hands to receive the promised gift. Start to live and act in the strength of the health-giving power received. There is nothing left now but to thank God.

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