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One God

Sikhism was founded in India by Guru Nanak. It is a monotheistic religion that encourages its believers to practice it by living in the world and coping with life's everyday problems. Serving others is encouraged. Sikhs see the divinity reflected in all human beings and hence treat everyone equally. They avoid superstitious behavior, and pilgrimages, statues, buildings, and "blind" rituals.

Sikh History

Concept of Guru in Sikhism

Sikh Gurus

Key Beliefs of Sikhism

One God (Ek Onkar)

Equality for All

The Three Duties

Other Beliefs

God and the Cycle of Life

Human Body vs. Spirituality

Experiencing God


Operating in "I" Mode - Egoism


Sikh Customs


The Five Ks

Khanda - The Sikh Insignia

Sikh Prayers

I shall not forsake my blessings at birth
a religion of love, in blood poetically wrote.
Equality its emblem, crowned by selfless sacrifice
a religion offering peace, justice to humanity.

A religion not elitist, nor condemning anyone
joining humankind as beloved children of God.
A religion stressing Truth (God), not blind following
spreading rays of happiness, not endless tyranny.

Jaswinder Singh

Prepared by: Dr. Jacob Mathew, Chief Editor, Holisticonline.com


Ratanjit Singh Sondhe, President of Poly-Carb and Visions Radio and TV Programs, and Founder of BASE, an organization of Sikh Entrepreneurs.

Paramjit Singh, President of Productive Group.

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